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on Argumentation
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Instructions on Preparing Manuscript for Submission to Volume Review

Deadline for submission: July 8

Maximum length for consideration: no more than 3200 words

Style Required: APA modified.  See notes from editor, and from Taylor and Francis, and an APA cheat sheet provided by the editor (all pdf).

Permissions:  If your paper contains copyrighted material (for example a photo), you are responsible for obtaining permission.  We all know about fair use guidelines, but it turns out that Taylor and Francis has lawyers, and they want paper. You might want to consider writing around the material if you can and just giving a citation to it, in the event that you can’t get permission. I will try to intervene with T&F for you, but as I say, they have lawyers. You might as well start the permission journey now.  T&F provided an old permissions template (docx file) a couple of conferences ago to guide you in seeking permissions.

Editor Availability for questions: "I will be at the ECA conference and summer school soon and my internet connectivity will be intermittent.Coincidentally, I will be back on July 7.If we are interested in publishing your paper, there will be a round of edits and minor revisions, so some details can be left aside if you and I cannot get together on them."

Editor: Dale Hample.




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