NCA/AFA Summer Conference
on Argumentation
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Alta Conference Organization

Held biennially in the mountains near Salt Lake City and cosponsored by the National Communication Association, the American Forensic Association, and the University of Utah, this conference is a premier venue for argumentation research.  The conference is marked by its opportunity for extensive exchange among scholars working on common problems. The conference is programmed by a Director chosen biennially to manage the conference. Local arrangements are the responsibility of the Local Host. The ongoing supervision of the NCA/AFA Summer Conference is managed by the Steering Committee.

Alta Organic Agreement (Governing Document for Conference Planning)

Steering Committee 2017-19

Chair: Patti Riley, Chair, 2015-2021


Catherine Palczewski, Treasurer, 2017-2023
Dale Hample, Director, 2019 Conference
Carol Winkler, Director, 2017 Conference

Randy Lake, Director, 2015 Conference

Joan Faber McAlister, AFA Representative
Nicholas Paliewicz, NCA Representative
Robin Jensen, Local Host, 2019