NCA/AFA Summer Conference
on Argumentation
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Awarding Excellence in Research


Our Senior Scholar Award is given to individuals in recognition for a lifetime of contributions to research in the study of argument.

2007 Malcolm Sillars, University of Utah
2009 David Zarefsky, Northwestern University
2011 Bruce Gronbeck, University of Iowa
Frans Van Eemeren, University of Amsterdam
2013 G. Thomas Goodnight, University of Southern California
James F. Klumpp, University of Maryland
2015 Dennis Gouran, Pennsylvania State University
2017 Donn W. Parson, University of Kansas
Robert C. Rowland, University of Kansas


The Michael Calvin McGee Award is given for the outstanding graduate student research presented at each conference. The award is chosen by that conference's program selection committee.

2005 Sarak K. Burgess, University of California, Berkeley
"Transitional Bodies of Law: The Demand for Recognition in the United Kingdom's Gender Recognition Act."
2007 Frank Zenker, University of Hamburg
"Complexity Without Insight: Ceteris Paribus Clauses in Assessing Conducive Argumentation."
2009 Ryan Solomon, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Shame on You Mbeki! The Problem of Denialism in South African AIDS Discourse."
2011 Laura Alberti, University of Southern California
"Remembering the Lion of the Desert: Visual Rhetoric and Argument in the Contemporary Public Sphere."
2013 Mathew Bost, University of Minnesota
"Arguing for Emptiness: Community in the Debate Over Rhetoric and Love."
2015 Emma Frances Bloomfield, University of Southern California
"Argumentation in the Identity Politics of the Selfie: Substituting Narcissus’s Reflection for Pygmalion’s Partner"
2017 Jeremy David Johnson, Pennsylvania State University


Our Past Directors and Keynote Speakers

Year Conference Directors Keynote Speakers
1979 Jack Rhodes David Zarefsky
Bruce Gronbeck
Scott Nobles
1981 George Ziegelmueller Stephen Toulmin
1983 David Zarefsky Wayne Brockriede
1985 J. Robert Cox Micheal C. McGee
Charles A. Willard
1987 Joseph Wenzel Micheal Leff
Frans H. van Eemeren
1989 Bruce Gronbeck Sally Jackson
1991 Donn Parson G. Thomas Goodnight
1993 Raymie E. McKerrow Joseph Wenzel
1995 Sally Jackson Malcolm Sillars
1997 James F. Klumpp David Zarefsky
Bruce Gronbeck (Plenarist)
1999 Thomas A. Hollihan Walter R. Fisher
2001 G. Thomas Goodnight Catherine H. Palczewski
2003 Charles A. Willard Thomas B. Farrell
Lenore Langsdorf
2005 Patricia Riley James F. Klummp
2007 Scott Jacobs Fred Kauffeld
2009 Dennis Gouran Dale Hample
2011 Robert Rowland Thomas A. Hollihan
2013 Catherine H. Palczewski Carol Winkler
2015 Randall Lake Carole Blair and V. William Balthrop
2017 Carol Winkler Robert Asen