Eighth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 1993


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Keynote Address

1  "Cultivating Practical Reason: Argumentation Theory in Postmodernity," Joseph W. Wenzel

Keynote Responses

8  "Postmodernity, Cryptonormativism, and the Rhetorical: A Defense of Argument Studies," J. Robert Cox

13  "On Not Rising Above the Fray: Situating Argumentation in the Midst of Postmodernity," Lenore Langsdorf


Debate in Postmodernity

17  "Debate Against Itself: Post-Modernism, Academic Debate, and the Public Sphere," Randall A. Lake and Brooks Haynie

25  "Argument in a Technical Sphere: Incommensurate Rhetorical Visions," Edward M. Panetta and Dale A. Herbeck

31  "Post-Modernism, Argumentation, and Praxis: A Case Study of Academic Debate," Scott L. Harris and Robert C. Rowland

36  "An Archaeology of Argument: Post-Structuralism and Intercollegiate Debate," Robert E. Tucker

Contemporary Debate Theory and Practice

43  "The Parallel Crises in Democracy and Debate," Steven C. Combs

50  "Counterplan Permutations in Contemporary Practice," Lisa Hobbs and Heidi Hamilton

55  "A Research Agenda for the Study of Women in Debate: A Framework and Preliminary Analysis," Ann Johnson and Jon Brushchke

61  "Restraining Whately: An Examination of the Role of Presumption in Risk Analysis," James K. Dittus

65  "A Call to Reduce Forensic Tournament Schedules and the Seasonal Calendar," Robert C. Chandler

69  "Its Time for a Change: A Global Assessment of the State of the Art in NDT Debate," Scott Deatherage and Cori E. Dauber

72  "Debate, Pedagogy, and the Japanses RAM," Richard Fiordo


Exploring the Tensions

76  "Superficial Confrontations," Michael Calvin McGee

79  "Gets a Lifeworld: Some Notes on Dead Ends and Live Possibilities," G. Thomas Goodnight and Thomas B. Farrell

86  "Approaching the Abyss: Argumentation Theory and Postmodernism," David Cratis Williams

91  "Argument Is; Therefore, Arguers Are," Robert L. Scott

97  "Gorgias and his Postmodern Cousins: Toward a Skeptical View of Argument," Warren Sandmann

104  "The End of Modernity and the Ends of Argumentation: A Discourse on the Notion of Advocacy as Rationality," Frank J. Macke

113  "Argumentation and the Reconstitution of Desire: A Lacanian Meditation on Presumption and Ideology," Douglas R. Bruce

119  "Overcoming Fatalism: Rhetoric/Argument in Postmodernity," Raymie E. McKerrow

Feminism and Postmodern Argument

122  "Rhetoric, Postmodernism, and Desire," Barbara Biesecker

124  "Standpoint, Praxis, and Postmodern Argument: A Feminist Dilemma," Margaret D. Zulick

128  "Is the ‘Public’ Sphere of Argument Located in a Gendered Dichotomy?: The Discursive Challenge of Republican Family Values," Carrie Crenshaw

136  "Subaltern Counter Publics and the ‘Paradox of Woman,’" Melissa D. Deem

Theoretical Perspectives

143 "Futuring Traditions: Making Postmodern Judgments," John M. Sloop and Kent A. Ono

149  "Performing with Fragments: Reflections on Critical Rhetoric," Dilip Parameshwar Gaonkar

156  "Always Already (Re)covering Postmodernism," Steve Whitson

159  "Responsibilities: Speculations on Rhetoric and the Ethico-Political in Postmodernity," James P. McDaniel

162  "An Enthymematic Approach to Response and a Responsive Approach to Enthymemes," David S. Birdsell

166  "Paul de Man on Rhetoric: Culture Wars and the Collaboration of Theory," Stephen D. O’Leary

176  "On Passionate Reason: Controversy and the Making and Revising of Context," Ronald Walter Greene and Darrin Hicks


179  "Fallacies in a Pragama-Dialectical Perspective," Frans H. van Eemeren and Rob Grootendorst

188  "Dissent in Fallacyland, Part I: Problems with van Eemeren and Grootendorst," J. Anthony Blair and Ralph H. Johnson

191  "Dissent in Fallacyland, Part II: Problems with Willard," Ralph H. Johnson and J. Anthony Blair

194  "The Problem of Indirect Communication for Descriptive and Normative Models of Argumentation: Teddy Kennedy Drives off the Bridge of Chappaquiddick," Scott Jacobs


Argument in Decision-Making and Organizing

200  "Paper Training the New Leviathan: Dissensus, Rationality and Paradox in Modern Organizations," Shirley Willihnganz, Joy Hart Seibert and Charles Arthur Willard

206  "Improving Debate in Soft Systems Methodology: Collaborative Argument about Change," Gregg B. Walker and Steven E. Daniels

213  "Argument as a Determinant of Consensus and the Appropriateness of Choices in Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Discussions," Dennis S. Gouran

218  "Using Argumentative Functions to Improve Decision Quality in the Small Group," Sandra Ketrow and Beatrice Schultz

226  "The Dissatisfaction-Argument Link: An Initial Qualitative Analysis of Consumer Complaints," Renee A. Meyers and Dennis E. Garrett

Argument in Interpersonal Relationships

235  "The Effects of Taking Conflict Personally on Arguing Behavior," Dale Hample and Judith M. Dallinger

239  "Fights with Friends and Fights with Lovers: A Comparison of Topics and Maintenance Strategies," Ann House

246  "Argumentation and the Older Person: An Analysis of Unplanned Discourse," K. Jeanine Congalton and Clark D. Olson

252  "Competence Assessments of Interpersonal Argument Structures: An Observational Analysis," Daniel J. Canary and Harry Weger, Jr.


Argument, Political Realism, and Foreign Relations

260  "From Realism to Post-Realism: The Rhetorical Turn in International Relations," Robert Hariman, Drake University; Francis A. Beer

267  "From Common Interest to Containment: The Constitutive Power of Kennan’s Long Telegram and ‘X’," Kathleen M. Farrell

271  "The End of the Cold War, and Changing Arguments about Humanitarian Military Intervention," Thomas J. Hynes, Jr.

277  "Transforming Ends to Means in Foreign Policy Rhetoric: Lessons from the Carter Administration," Carol Winkler

283  "If Somalia, Why no Bosnia?: Argument Standards for a New World Order," Cori E. Dauber

294  "Crossing the World Order divide in the Persian Gulf," G.R. Boynton and Peggy Dozark

Argument and Political Theory

299  "A Tale of False Friends: Radical Democracy and Rhetoric," Michael Weiler

304  "Prudence and the Problem of Rhetorical Effect in Postmodern American Liberalism: A Prospectus," John Louis Lucaites and Charles Taylor

Argument and the Case of Fukuyama

314  "Rendezvous at the End of History: Francis Fukuyama and Richard Rorty on Liberal-Democratic Politics," Eric M. Gander

321  "The Owl of Minerva and the New World Order," James Arnt Aune

327  "A Realist’s Apologia: Liberalism and the Rhetoric of American Foreign Policy," David Grassmick

Argument and the Public Sphere

332  ""Greed versus Hope, Self-Interest versus Community: Reinventing Argumentative Praxis in Post-Free Marketplace America," Thomas A. Hollihan, Patricia Riley and James F. Klumpp

340  "A Public Account of Private Actions: The Bush Pardons," Kevin Baaske and Jennifer Huss

345  "Incongruities in the Public/Private Sphers: Implications of the Clinton Presidential Campaign," Greg R. Miller

352  "The Hillary Factor: A First Lady Challenges the Distinction Between Public and Private Spheres," Barbara Pickering

358  "The Constitution of a Pro-Life Public through Non-violent Civil Disobedience: Operation Rescue Marches on Atlanta," Edward M Panetta

364  "Challenging Social and Communication Norms: Oppositional Argument and the Fur Controversy," Kathryn M. Olson and G. Thomas Goodnight

374  "Public Responsibility for Private Acts The Strategic Manipulation of the ‘Public’ in Political Discourse," Dale A Herbeck

Argument and Campaign Practice

379  "Genres in the Rhetorics of Political Ads," John S. Nelson

388  "’If You Want Me to be Your President’: H. Ross Perot’s Strategies of Rhetorical Transcendence," Donn W. Parson

392  "Characterological Argument in Bush’s and Clinton’s Convention Films," Bruce E. Gronbeck

398  "On Being ‘Presidential’: The Quayle-Gore Debate," Robert K. Tiemens, Dennis Alexander and Malcolm O. Sillars

Argument and the Issue of Gay Rights

405 "Public Moral Argument and the Narrative Paradigm: An Analysis of the OCA’s ‘No Special Rights’ Campaign," David Douglass

412  "’Abnormal, Wrong, Unnatural and Perverse’: A Critical Study of the Oregon Citizens Alliance Targeted Tabloids," Scott Aaron Palmer

419  "It Will Happen: Causal Argumentation in Oregon’s Ballot Measure 9 Controversy," Molly Mayhead

423  "Traditional Values: Argument Fields and Serial Arguments of the Yes On 9 Campaign," Judith k. Bowker and Robert Trapp

429  "Examining the Military’s Anti-Homosexual Policy as Value Argument," Ian Fielding

Argument and the New Racism

437  "Arguing Genes: From Jurassic Park to Baby Jessica,"  John Lyne

443  "Visions of Community, Arguments for Solidarity, and the Structure of the New Racist Discourse,"  Ronald Lee

450  "'This is Nothing more than a High Tech Massacre of Indian Culture':  A. I. M. Challenges Racism at the 1991 World Series,"  James Todd Hayes

Argument in Specialized Contexts

455"The Political Foundations of Authority: American Scholarship in a Post-Cold War World," Philip C. Wander

461  "Public Policy Argument and Survivor Testimony: Pro-Ordinance Conservatives, Confession, Mediation and Recuperation," Catherine Helen Palczewski

468  "AIDS, Argument and Catholic Bishops: The Condom Condemnation," Victoria Nelson

476  "The Judge as a Critical Antagonist in a Legal Process: A Pragma-Dialectical Perspective," Eveling T. Feteris

481  "Effective Environmental Advocacy and the Question of ‘Hyperreality,’" Michael Bruner and Max Oelschlaeger


McKerrow, Raymie E., ed.  Argument and the Postmodern Challenge.  Annandale VA:  Speech Communication Association, 1993.