Seventh SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 1991


pp.  "Title,"  Author


Keynote Address

1  "Controversy," G. Thomas Goodnight

Keynote Responses:

14  "Some Thoughts on the Role of Controversy in Interpersonal and Small Group Interaction," Dennis S. Gouran

16 "Controversy As Contest," Charles Kauffman

20  "Can ‘Controversy’ Be Analyzed to Yield Useful Insights for Argument?" Robert L. Scott

23  "Contesting the Rules of Discourse: A Case Study of Women’s Ascent to Public Advocacy," Martha Solomon


27  "Critical Thinking: A Rhetorical Perspective," Lenore Langsdorf

33  "Keeping Our Traditions Straight: Working With the Intellectual Modes of Argumentative Studies," James F. Klumpp

39  "Toward More Argument Evaluation: Identifying the Constraints," Edward Schiappa

46  "Expanding the Horizons of Justification: The Role of Myth in Cultural Transformation," Kathryn M. Olson

53  "Claiming the High Ground: Universalist Rhetoric in a Post-Modern Context," John Lyne

58  "Prospective Argument, Part II: Layin the Ground for Future Argument," J. Clarke Rountree, III

64  "Rhizomic Rhetoric: Toward an Ecology of Institutional Argument," Andrew Leslie and Stephen O’Leary


Tropes of Political Argument

73  "Tropes of Political Argument in America," John Nelson

Historical Cases

80  "Constituting Citizenship Through Public Agrument: The Case of the Constitutional Ratification Debate, 1787-1788," James Jasinski

86  "Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel Defend the Communist Society: Refutation in The Communist Manifesto," James B. Hanson

89  "Echoes of the Slavery Controversy in the Current Abortion Debate," David Zarefsky

96  "Argument From History1 and Argument From History2: Uses of the Past in Public Deliberation," Bruce E. Gronbeck

Contemporary Cases

100  "Between the Public and Technical Spheres of Argument: The ‘Televisual’ Rhetoric of the Nuclear Freeze Campaign," J. Michael Hogan

107  "In the Clouds: Where Climatologists Failed the Nuclear Winter Debate," David Edward Grassmick

114  "The Disconstitutive Character of the Law: Richard Nixon as Thersites," Frederick J. Antczak

121  "Transforming Individuals and Collectives in ‘The New World Order:’ Implications for Enemy Construction and Response," Carol K. Winkler

128  "The Discourse of M/Otherhood and Johnson Controls: The Debate Over Fetal ‘Versus’ Women’s Rights," Mary F. Keehner

135  "Arguing About Patriotism in a Liberal Community," Ronald Lee and Karen King Lee

140  "Campaign and Character: Robert Kennedy in the 1968 Presidential Campaign," Mary E. Stucky and Frederick J. Antczak


Theoretical Issues

147  "Argument and Organizational Complaints: Application of the Structuration Coding Scheme," Dale E. Brashers

154  "Gender and Media Models in the Development of Argument," Don Brownlee and Ian Fielding

159  "Interactive Complaint Communication: A Reconceptualization of Consumer Complaint Behavior," Dennis E. Garrett and Renee A. Meyers

167  "A Descriptive Account of Interpersonal Argument," Darrin Hicks

175  "Constructive Dimensions of Small Group Argument: Rethinking Argument in Persuasive Arguments Theory," Edward A. Mabry, C. Arthur VanLear, Jullane J. Jackson, and Robert D. McPhee

182  "Argument and Conflict: Conceptual and Empirical Perspectives," Gregg B. Walker

188 "Message Design Logic, Goal Structure, Interpersonal Construct Differentiation, and Situation," Dale Hamper and Judith M. Dallinger

Strategic Uses and Outcomes of Argument

193  "Self-Monitoring and Argumentativeness: Using Argument as Impression Management," R. Paul Thomlinson and Kendall R. Phillips

197  "Interpersonal Argument Processes: Implicit Argument in Japan and the United States," Michael David Hazen

204  "Argumentative Strategies for Managing Conflict," Beatrice Schultz

208  "The Relationship Between Argumentative Subordinates and Supervisor Satisfaction," Tonie Selig Miller

211  "A Closer Look at Argument Behavior in Romantic Dyads," Harry Weger, Jr. and Daniel J. Canary

217  "Framing a Dispute: The Role of Context in Interpersonal Argument," Nancy J. Legge

Argument in Group Interaction

224  "On the Constructive Uses of Argument in Decision-Making Discussion: A Theoretical Perspective," Dennis S. Gouran

229  "Valued Leadership Behaviors and Perceptions of Contribution: The Unsung Hero," Sandra M. Ketrow

237  "Pragma-Dialectics in Education: Teachable Contributions to Small Group Communication from Spuistraat 134," Richard Fiordo

243  "Explicit Disagreements in Groups With High and Low Judgment Model Overlap," Geoff Leatham


249  "Enclaved Publics as Inventional Resources: An Essay in Generative Rhetoric," Margaret D. Zulick and E. Anne Laffoon

256  "Bounded Spaces in Contemporary Discourse: Modernist Problems in Argument Spheres," Reginald Twigg

263  "On the Public Closure of Technical Controversy," Charles Alan Taylor

270  "What Happened at Baltimore: Technical Arguments and Public Values Concerning Human Sexuality at the 1991 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA)," Thomas Nathan Peters

277  "A Reanalysis of the Argumentation at Three Mile Island," Robert C. Rowland

284  "’Politically-Savvy Sick People:’ Public Penetration of the Technical Sphere," Dale E. Brashers and Sally Jackson



289  "Global Transformations: Gaia and the Spheres of Argument," Scott L. Harris

294  "The Scientization of Nature: Jacob Bronowski’s Ascent," Thomas M. Lessl

299   "Motivations, Tactics, and Audiences: Anthropological Responses to the Mead/Freeman Controversy," Robert Strikwerda


306  "The Status of Humanity in ‘The Modern Crisis,’" Edward M. Panetta

312  "Liberating Nature: Radical Environmentalists and the New Civil Rights Movement," John W. Delicath

317  "Tropal Argument and Individual Empowerment: 50 Simple Things You Can Do For the Environment," Star A. Muir

325  "Is Doing Something Better Than Doing Nothing?: Environmentalism and the Paradox of Green Consumerism," Michael Salvador and Jack Samosky

330  "The Clash of Rationalities in Environmental Argument," Don Brownlee

334  "Good Food From the Good Earth: McDonald’s and the Commodification of the Environment," Stephen P. Depoe

342  "Think Globally, Act Locally: A Response to Muir, Harris and Depoe," David S. Birdsell


345  "Baby M Goes To The Circus: The Popularity of the Popular Trial," William Lewis

353  "Transcending Field Boundaries: An Approach to Argumentative Justification," Warren Sandmann

359  "Rhetoric’s Wide-Angle Lenses: How Legal Vision Can Be Enhanced With Rhetorical Glasses," Geoffrey Klinger

364  "Prophets and Priests: Argument By and Before the Supreme Court," Arnie Madsen and Robert C. Chandler


370  "The Case for Prudence in Kafka’s Trial," Robert Hairman

374  "Argumentation and Aesthetic Form: Burke and Marxism in the Early Nineteen-Thirties," David Cratis Williams

380  "Arguing About Aesthetics is Living Dangerously: James T. Farrell’s A Note on Literary Criticism," Kathleen M. Farrell


Forensics Pedagogy

388  "The Benefits of Intercollegiate Policy Debate Training to Various Professions," Robert C. Chandler and Jeffrey Dale Hobbs

391  "Intercollegiate Debate as a Co-Curricular Activity: Effects on Critical Thinking," Shawn Whalen

398  "Academic Debate Theory: Its Application to Business English Communication Training in Japan," Shigeru Matsumoto and Takeshi Suzuki

404  "Judge Disclosure and Argument Pedagogy," Jack Rhodes

Format and Forum Innovations in Forensics

406  "Decision Rules: An Analysis of the Interaction Method," Brends Logue and Stephen L. Verch

413  "Intercollegiate Mock Trial as an Alternative Argumentation Event," John McKiernan and Paul Edleman

418  "An Objective Analysis of One Audience Debate," E. Sam Cox, Scott L. Jensen, Christopher Wheeler, and Michael Fulton

NDT and CEDA: Prospects and Problems

423  "Is There a Theoretical Difference Between Debating About Values and Policies?" Brent G. Brossmann and Ben Biermann

430  "Standing Rules of Tournament Procedure," Frank Harrison

436  "Requiem for a Great Idea," James K. Dittus

441  "Debate Philosophy Statements as Predictors of Critic Attitudes," Donald Day and Craig A. Dudczak

Intersections Between Academic Debate and Argumentation Theory

446  "Technical Argument in the Public Sphere: What Academic Debate Tells Us About the Interaction of Spheres of Argument," Robert C. Rowland, Ben Voth, and Jeanettte Brossmann

452  "The Dialectical Meditation of the Public and Technical Sphere: A Revelation of Contemporary Debate Practice," Erik W. Doxtader

458  "The Third Reunion of Argumentation and Debate in the Experiences of Debate Practice," David B. Hingstman


Parson, Donn W., ed.  Argument in Controversy:  Proceedings of the Seventh SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation.  Annandale VA: Speech Communication Association, 1991.