Sixth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 1989


pp.  "Title," Author


1  "Method as Argument,"  Sally A. Jackson


Spheres of Argument

Fusion of Argumentative Spheres

9 "Intellectuals and the Public Sphere: The Case of the Older Sophists," Takis Poulakos

16 "Critics and Technocrats," David S. Birdsell

20 "W(h)ither the Public Sphere? An Optimistic Reading," V. William Balthrop

26 "On the Natural Development of Public Activity: A Critique of Goodnight’s Theory of Argument," Thomas Nathan Peters

33 "Fusion Criticism: A Call to Criticism," Cori Dauber

37 "Rhetorical Gravity," Anne Holmquest

42 "’Can You Buy Cold Fusion By the Six Pack?’ Or Bubba and Billy Bob Discover Pons and Fleischmann," Thomas J. Hynes, Jr.

47 "Spheres of Argument’ as Topoi for the Critical Study of Power/Knowledge," Edward Schiappa

57 "Epochal Rhetoric in 19th-Century America: On the Discursive Instantiation of the Technical Sphere," Kathryn M. Olson and G. Thomas Goodnight

66 "Recalculating the Relation of the Public and Technical Spheres," Barbara Biesecker

71 "Regulatory Rhetoric: Argument in the Nexus of Public and Technical Spheres," Michael J. Wallinger

Expertise in Public Argument

81 "Experts in Moral Argument," Joseph A. Sommerville

86 "Narrative Justice: An Analysis of Selected Supreme Court Decisions," Reginald Twigg

94 "The Discursive Construction of the Physician: The Death of Dialogue," Lee R. Cerling

Polysemy in Public Argument

101 "Polysemy and Pluralism: The Habit of Oppositional Reading," Michael Weiler

108 "Before Prudence: Strategy and the Rhetorical Tradition," Robert Hariman

117 "Machiavelli and the Paradox of Political Hypocrisy: The Fragmentation of Virtue in the Public and Private Spheres," Stephen D. O’Leary

Argument Fields

Champaign ’88

128 "Where Have All the Issues Gone? Explaining the Rhetorical Limits in American Elections," W. Lance Bennett

136 "Congregation By Segregation: An Analysis of Argument Strategies in the First 1988 Presidential Debate," Donn W. Parson

140 "The Visual Context of Argument: An Analysis of the September 25, 1988, Presidential Debate," Robert K. Tiemens

147 "W(h)ither Civic Discourse(?)!" James F. Klumpp

151 "Image and Issue in the Second Bush-Dukakis Debate: The Mediating Role of Values," Duane R. Fish

158 "Getting Away With Murder’: George Bush, Lee Atwater, Willie Horton, and the Political Logic of Common Sense," William F. Lewis

The Political Arena

167 "Conversations About Governing," G. R. Boynton

175 "Political Mythmaking for Post-Moderns," John S. Nelson

184 "Legal Reasoning and Critical Legal Studies," Ira L. Strauber

195 "Arenas of Rhetorical Power: Modes of Persuasion and Sublimation at Multiple Levels of Political Discourse," George J. Graham, Jr.

201 "Appeals to History: An Analysis of the Arguments in the Amicus Curiae Briefs in the Webster Case," Kathleen M. Farrell

207 "Going Meta in Political Confrontations," Herbert W. Simons

211 "Work, Place, and Space: Notes of the Decay of the Conservative Rhetorical Idiom," James Arnt Aune

Argumentation in Science

216 "Of Orchids, Insects and Natural Theology: The Evolution of Darwin’s Strategy After the ‘Origin,’" John Angus Campbell

225 "Nazi Racial Hygiene and the Boundaries of ‘True Science,’" Roy J. Schwartzman

232 "Arguing Science: The Unboundedness of Language," John Lyne

239 "Picking the Winners in the Knowledge Sweepstakes, Or How the Social Epistemologist Reads the Success of Economics and the Failure of Political Science," Steve Fuller

Argumentation in Religion

245 "Temporal Metaphors, Religions, and Arguments," Randall A. Lake

255 "The Narrative Paradigm and the Rational Justification of Values: Religious Argument in the Christian Tradition," Jeffrey Dale Hobbs

259 "Roger Williams and Civic Virtue: Rhetorical Trajectories and Discursive Possibilities," E. Anne Laffoon

268 "Myth and Incarnation as Metaphor and Structure for Religious Rhetoric and Argument," Michael W. McFarland

Conceptualizing Argument Fields

275 "Argument Fields, Logical Types, and Shared Purposes," Jim Hanson

286 "Categorizing Argument Fields: All Fields are Not Created Equal," Craig A. Dudczak

292 "Argumentation and the Common Ground," William Keith and Daniel Bonevac

296 "What If Arguers Could As Easily Show As Tell?" Herbert W. Simons and David S. Birdsell

301 "A Cautious Response to Simons and Birdsell," Mark A. Pollock

Advances in Argument Theory

Williard’s A Theory of Argumentation

303 "Reflections on the Revolution in Willard’s Theory of Argument," Joseph W. Wenzel

309 "A Response to Charles Arthur Willard’s A Theory of Argumentation," Michael Calvin McGee

314 "A Theory of Argumentation: A Critical Response," Barbara Warnick

317 "Reply to McGee, Warnick, and Wenzel," Charles Arthur Willard

Pragma-Dialectical and Dialectical Approaches

324 "Writing Argumentative Texts From Analysis to Presentation: A Pragma-Dialectical Approach," Frans H. van Eemeren and Rob Grootendorst

331 "Analyzing Argumentative Texts: The Normative Reconstruction of Multiple and Coodinatively Compound Argumentation," Francisca Snoeck Henkemans

335 "Strategies for the Dialectical Evaluation of Horizontally Ordered Arguments," Tjark Kruiger

339 "Elements of a Dialectical Theory of Rhetorical Communication," Norbert Gutenberg

Argumentation and Feminist Thought

346  "Rhetorics of Difference in Feminist Argument, Karen B. Altman

354  "Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 'Game of Honest Argument':  Playing Out the Differences,"  Helen B. Warren

 The Federalist Papers

361  "Candor, Rhetoric, and Interpretation in The Federalist," James Arnt Aune

366  "Rhetorical Force and the Unity of Political Theory and Argumentative Practice in Madison’s Federalist #10," James Jasinski

373  "Prima Facie Argumentative Adequacy in the Federalist Papers," Fred J. Kauffeld

Studies in Technical Argument

383 "Assuming Burdens of Advocacy in a Technical Controversy: The Case of Challenger," Christine M. Miller

392 "Selling the Shuttle: Legitimation Strategies in Presidential Rhetoric Concerning America’s Space Shuttle Mission," Stephen P. Depoe

400 "Argumentation and Corporate Advocacy: The Influences of Organizational Culture on Public Discourse," Thomas A. Hollihan and Patricia Riley


Theoretical Controversies in Academic Debate

406 "Counter-Warrants After Ten Years: The Strategy Re-Examined," Jack Rhodes

411 "Further Examination of Resolutional Focus," Arnie Madsen and Robert C. Chandler

417 "The Narrative Perspective in Academic Debate: A Response to Robert Gass, Jr.," Pete Webster

422 "The Exception as the Rule: A Re-Valuing of the Role of Evidence in Academic Debate," Erik W. Doxtader

Current Issues in Forensics Judging, Pedagogy, and Research

427 "A Profile of CEDA Debate Critics," Craig A. Dudczak and Donald L. Day

434 "The Development of Evaluation Criteria in Individual Events," Clark D. Olson

440 "Redeeming Part of Debate’s Educational Mission Via Public Formats," E. Sam Cox and Scott L. Jensen

446 "Revealing Decisions in Debate: Some Philosophical and Practical Concerns," Roger C. Aden and Ann Burnett Pettus

449 "An Examination and Criticism of Forensic Research: The Last Five Years, 1984-1988," Brenda J. Logue and B. Christine Shea

Forensics, Ethics, and Argumentation Theory

457 "The Relationship Between Debate and Argumentation Theory," Robert C. Rowland and John E. Fritch

464 "Forensics and the First Amendment: Consdering the Kuhlmeier Decision," John McKiernan

468 "Forensics Education and Ethics," Don Brownlee

472 "The Classroom as Public Space," Robert O. Weiss

476 "The Use of Perelman’s Universal Audience in Non- Policy Debate," Glenn Kuper


Theoretical Probes

481 "Functions of Argument in Decision-Making Discussion: Some Prescriptions for Increasing the Probability of Rational Choice," Dennis S. Gouran

489 "Children’s Rhetorical Skill," Susan L. Kline and Kevin Carlson

497 "The Role of Argument, Reasoning and Logic in Tacit, Incomplete and Indirect Communication: The Case of Japan," Michael David Hazen

504 "Generic Poles of Human Communication," Frank E. Millar

Case Studies of Theories and Models

511 "Finding Common Ground and Zones of Agreement: Two Models of Rationality for Conflict Resolution," Scott Jacobs

517 "Shared Premises in Value Argument in the Organization," W. David Pelham

521 "Managerial Power and the Conciliation of Subordinates: The Case of the Space Shuttle Challenger," Christine M. Miller

530 "’The Course of the Avalanche Depends on the Stones Over Which It Rolls’: Arguments From the Underground," Gerard A. Hauser

537 "Inference and Argument in the Supreme Court: A Cognitive Theory Perspective," Molly A. Mayhead

Empirical Inquiries

542 "Tag-Team Argument and Group Decision Making: A Preliminary Investigation," Dale Brashers and Renee A. Meyers

551 "Accounts of Failures and Acclaims of Successes in Arguments," Pamela J. Benoit and William L. Benoit

558 "The Role of Argumentativeness in the Enhancement of the Status of Members of Decision-Making Groups," Beatrice G. Schultz

563 "Biological and Psychological Gender Effects Upon Cognitive Editing of Arguments," Judith M. Dallinger and Dale Hample

569 "A Strategic Conduct Analyzsis of Contract Negotiations: Application of a Structurational Coding System," Colleen M. Keough

576 "Assessing Number of Cognitive Arguments as a Predictor of Group Shifts: A Test and Alternative Interactional Explanation," Renee A. Meyers and David R. Seibold

584 "Argument Comprehension: Some Preliminary Findings," William Keith, Arlene Weiner, and Alan Lesgold

592 "’The Relationship of Interpersonal Argument to Control Mutuality: An Observational Analysis of Romantic Couples’ Conversations," Daniel J. Canary and Harry Weger, Jr.

599 "Assessing Multicultural Argument in the Law of the Sea Negotiations: A Rationale and Analytical Framework," Gregg B. Walker


Gronbeck, Bruce E., ed.  Spheres of Argument:  Proceedings of the Sixth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation.  Annandale VA: Speech Communication Association, 1989.