Fifth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 1987


pp.  "Title," Author


1 "The Habitations of Rhetoric," Michael C. Leff

9 "Argumentation Studies’ Five Estates," Frans M. van Eemeren

Seminar on Rhetorical Criticism and Argumentation

25 "The Criticism of Argument; the Argument of Criticism," V. William Balthrop, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

33 "The Aesthetics of Critical Reasoning: Reflections on the Sublime and the Beautiful," Christine Oravec, University of Utah

39 "Recovering the Voices of the Text: Rhetorical Criticism as Ideological Critique," Takis Poulakos, University of Pittsburgh

45 "The Assent of Rhetoric," David Cratis Williams, Northeast Missouri State University

53 "Argumentation and the Politics of Criticism," David Zarefsky, Northwestern University

61 "Argumentation, Criticism, and Rhetoric: A Comparison of Modern and Post-Modern Stances in Humanistic Inquiry," G. Thomas Goodnight, Northwestern University

Seminar on Argumentation Theory and Practice

69 "Theory and Practice/Rhetoric and Marxism," James Arnt Aune, St. Olaf College

75 "Farrell’s Knee: Another Suspenseful Inquiry into the Metatheoretical Issues of Our Time," Thomas B. Farrell, Northwestern University

83 "Rhetoric and Practical Necessity: A View from the Study of Speech Acts," Fred J. Kauffield, Edgewood College

97 "Sophistical Rhetoric as a Critique of Culture," John Poulakos, University of Pittsburgh

103 "The Truth Lies Somewhere Between the Two’: Feminist Formulations on Critical Theory and Practice," Helen Warren, Northeast Missouri State University

Argumentation Theory

113 "Risk, Vulnerability, and Policy Analysis: Implications for Public Argument," Thomas J. Hynes, Jr., University of Louisville

119 "Demarking Science from the State: Risk, the Tarasoff Precedent, and the Presumption of Expertise, or: Is There a Miranda Rule for Science?" Anne Holmquest, University of Louisville

129 "A Rhetoric of Risk: Medical Science and the Question of ‘Wrongful Life’," Michael Hyde, Northwestern University

137 "Better Red or Dead: Risk in a Nuclear Age," Cori Dauber, University of Pittsburgh

143 "Arguers as Just Good Friends: Love Friendship and Public Argument," Mark Hamilton Wright, Northwestern University

157 "Arguers as Value Adjusters: Epidemic Discourse in the Environmental Movement," Dennis Jaehne, University of Utah

165 "Arguers as Worldmakers: Narrative and the Paradox of Public Debate," Andrew Leslie, Northwestern University

165 "Everyday Argumentation from a Speech Act Perspective," Rob Grootendorst, University of Amsterdam

177 "Everyday Argumentation from an Informal Logic Perspective," J. Anthony Blair, University of Windsor

185 "Everyday Argumentation from an Interpretive Perspective," Robert Trapp, University of Northern Colorado

191 "Is Détente Possible? Habermas and Rhetoric," Mark A. Pollock, Northwestern University

199 "Arguing from Counterfactuals," Charles Arthur Willard, University of Louisville

207 "Prospective Argument: Constraining and Licensing Future Arguments," Clarke Rountree, III, University of Iowa

215 "Coherentism and Contextualism and the Process of Justification," Raymie E. McKerrow, University of Maine-Orono

Critical Studies of Public Argument

223 "Reagan’s Rhetorical Montage," Suzanne Osborn, Memphis State University

229 "Presidential Debates: Epideictic Merger of Issues and Images in Values," David Werling, Michael Salvador, Malcolm O. Sillars, and Mina A. Vaughn, University of Utah

239 "A Structural Functional Analysis of the Assumptions Behind Presidential Debates," Robert C. Rowland, University of Kansas, and Gary R. W. Voss

249 "The Dewey-Stassen Primary Debate of 1948: An Examination of Format for Presidential Debates," Thomas Kane, University of Pittsburgh

255 "Defining Publics And Reconstructing Public Spheres: The Final Report of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography," Gerard A. Hauser, Pennsylvania State University

263 "Causal Argument in the Final Report of the attorney General’s Commission on Pornography’ Ian Fielding, California State University – Northridge

Arguments in Special Fields: Mediation

271 "Argumentation in Divorce Mediation: What Counts as Decisional Premises in Child Custody Decisions?" Renee Stahle, Miami University, and Nancy Burrell, Wake Forest University

279 "The Mediator as an Arguer," Mike Allen and William Donohue, Michigan State University

285 Mediating Self Image: The Influence of Ego Involvement in the Third Party Disputes," Dan DeStephen, Wright State University

291 "Ideal Argument in the Real World: Making Do in Mediation," Scott Jacobs, Sally Jackson, James Hallmark, Barbara Hall, and Susan Sterns, University of Oklahoma

299 "Advocacy and Influence in Integrative Negotiation: ‘Win-Win’ Argumentation," Gregg B. Walker and William Cue, University of Utah

Arguments in Special Fields: LAW

309 "Objection and Recall of Claims in Legal Discourse," Randall K. Stutman, University of Illinois-Urbana

315 "The Content and Structure of the Appellate Argument: Rhetorical Analysis of Brief Writing Strategies in the Sam Sheppard Appeal," Kathryn Holmes Snedaker, Attorney; VanCott, Bagley, Cornwall and McCarthy, Salt Lake City

325 "Assessing Judicial Opinions: Ronald Dworkin’s Critical Method," Richard A. Parker, Northern Arizona University

335 "The Dialectical Role of the Judge in a Dutch Legal Process," Eveline T. Feteris, University of Amsterdam

Forensic Theory and Practice

341 "Educational Visions of Interscholastic Debate: A Content Analysis of Discussions with Secondary School Coaches," Dayle Hardy-Short and Brant Short, Idaho State University

351 "Implicit Pedagogical Theories of Debate: Patterns of Forensic Philosophy," Ronald Lee and Karen King Lee, Indiana University-Bloomington

359 "Utopian Counter-System Counterparts: The Issue of Competitiveness," Rebecca S. Bjork, University of Southern California

365 "Resolutional Assumptions: Inviolable Argumentative Ground," Robert H. Gass, Jr., California State University-Fullerton

371 "Inherency in Non-Policy Propositions: Rediscovering the Lost Issue," Craig A. Dudczak, Syracuse University

379 "Beyond Objectivity: The Evolution of Debate Judging Paradigms, Alternatives to Judge Objectivity and the Dialogue Paradigm," Rick Rodrick, University of Utah

387 "The ‘Emperor Phenomenon’: The Necessity of Critic Responcibility," Patricia M. Ganer, Cypress College

395 "Beyond the Social Engineering Paradigm: Public Policy Decision-Making –Fifteen Years Later," James F. Klumpp, University of Maryland-College Park

399 "Academic Debate and Democracy: A Clash of Ideologies," Thomas A. Hollihan and Patricia Riley, University of Southern California

Argumentation in Group Processes

405 "The Role of Argumentation in Group Decision-Making Efficacy: A Functional Perspective," Karen Dace and Randy Y. Hirokawa, University of Iowa

411 "Presumption as Problematic in Group Decision-Making: The Case of the Space Shuttle," Richard Ice, University of Iowa

419 "Perceived Causes of Argument Avoidance in Group Decision-Making," Dirk R. Scheerhorn, University of Hawaii at Manoa

423 "Leader as Arguer in Group Decision-Making," Thomas M. Scheidel, University of Washington

429 "Telling a Good Story: Models of Argument; Models of Understanding in the Senate Agriculture Committee," George R. Boynton, University of Iowa

439 "The Failure of Argument in Decisions Leading to the ‘Challenger Disaster’: A Two-Level Analysis," Dennis S. Gouran, Pennsylvania State University

Interpersonal Argumentation

449 "The Expression of Dissatisfaction: When Does Complaint Counts as Confrontation?" Sara E. Newell and Randall K. Stutman, University of Illinois-Urbana

455 "Argument Editing Choices and Argumentative Competence," Dale Hample and Judith M. Dallinger, Western Illinois University

465 "Everyday Argument Practices of Naïve Social Actors," William L. Benoit and Pamela J. Benoit, University of Missouri

475 "Married Couples’ Argument Structures and Sequences: A Comparison of Satisfied and Dissatisfied Dyads," Daniel J. Canary, Brent G. Brossmann, California State University-Fullerton, Alan Sillars, University of Montana, and Shannon LoVette, University of Southern California

Arguments in Special Fields: Science

485 "Rhetoric Within The Citadel," David N. McCloskey, University of Iowa

491 "A Tale Twice Told: The Rhetoric in the Case of DNA," Alan G. Gross, Purdue University – Calumet

499 "Poetry, Science, and Argument: Erasmus Darwin as Baconian Subversive," John Angus Campbell, University of Washington

507 "Learning the Lessons of Lysenko: Biology, Politics, and Rhetoric in Historical Controversy," John Lynn, University of Iowa

Further Studies in Critical Argument

513 "Liberty and Power in Nineteenth Century Public Argument: A Foucaultian Analysis of Jacksonian Rhetoric," James Jasinski, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

522 "Reading the Signs of the Times: Strategies of Argument in Apocalyptic Discourse," Stephen D. O’Leary, Northwestern University

533 "Arguing For and Against A White Homeland: The Aryan World Congress Versus the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations," Jack Kay, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

541 "Apocalyptic Pornography and the Nuclear Freese: A Defence of the Public," J. Michael Hogan, Indiana University

Arguments in Special Fields: Historiography

549 "Discipline and Present: Argument and History in Academic Fields," John S. Nelson, University of Iowa

557 "Disciplinary History and Other Kinds," Allan Megill, University of Iowa

565 "Hide-Bound Argumentation in Discipline-Bound Inquiry," McGee, University of Iowa

569 "The Argumentative Structures of Selected Eighteenth-Century British Political Histories," Bruce E. Gronbeck, University of Iowa


Wenzel, Joseph W., ed.  Argument and Critical Practices:  Proceedings of the Fifth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation.  Annandale VA: Speech Communication Association, 1987.