Fourth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 1985


pp.  "Title," author

Keynote Addresses

1  "The Moral Problem of Argumentum per Argumentum," Michael Calvin McGee

16  "Cassandra’s Heirs," Charles Arthur Willard

Argumentation Theory

35  "Who is An Arguer? A Progress Report (transcript)," Wayne Brockriede

39  "Responses (transcripts)," Michael Calvin McGee, Walter R. Fisher, and James F. Klumpp

45  "Recreating a Rhetorical View of Narrative: Adam Smith in Conversation with Quintilian," Michael Calvin McGee

57  "Memory and Diachronic Argument: A Marcusean Note," J. Robert Cox

70  "The Cosmological Experience and Presocratic Philosophy," Peter J. Marston

85  "Argumentation in the Field of Rhetorical Communication," Norbert Gutenberg

100  "Propositions of Fact, Value, and Policy: A Semiotic Augmentation of Argumentation," Richard Fiordo

110  "In Defense of the Fallacy," Walter Ulrich

127  "What Can Speech Acts Do For Argumentation?" Sally A. Jackson

139  "Toward a Normative Theory of Argumentation: Van Eemeren Grootendorst’s Code of Conduct for Rational Discussions," Joseph W. Wenzel

154  "Responses to Kline, Jackson, and Wenzel (transcript)," Frans H. Van Eemeren and Robert Grootendorst

Historical and Political Argument

162  "Speculations on the Treason Trial of Sir Walter Raleigh: Sir Edward Coke as Advocate," L. Raymond Camp

179  "In Search of the Founding Fathers: Historical Argument in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates," David Zarefsky

193  "Political Judgment and Rhetorical Argument: Edmund Burke’s Paradigm," Stephen II. Browne and Michael C. Leff

211  "On the Education of a TV Debate Critic," Donn W. Parson

219  "The 1984 Democratic Debates: Does Format Make a Difference?" Robert C. Rowland and Rey Garcia

236  "Negative Polispots: Mediated Arguments in the Political Arena," Marc S. Reisler, Robert A. Baukus, and J. Gregory Payne

Ideology and Argument Criticism

253  "Ideological Analogons: Portraits of ‘Truth,’" David Cratis Williams

277  "Political Pluralism and Ideological Argument," Mike Weiler

289  "Reagan’s First State of the Union Address: As Case Study in Language, Argument and Culture," Kenneth R. Chase

310  "Argument and Consciousness in Labor History: A Case Study of the Gastonia Strike," James Arnt Aune

323  "The Place of Morality in the Modern World," Phillip C. Wander

340  "The Rhetorical of Historiography: New Left Revisionism in the Vietnam Era," J. Michael Hogan

360  "Argument and Ideology: A Postscript," Bruce Gronbeck

Argument Fields


364 "Storytelling and Public Moral Argument: The Case of Medicine," Michael J. Hyde


376  "Rhetoric and Semiotic in Scientific Argument: The Function of Presumption in Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species Essay," Anne Holmquest, University of Louisville

403  "Punctuated Equilibria: A Case Study in Scientific and Para-Scientific Argument," John Lyne

420  "Rhetorical Grounds for Determining What is Fundamental Science: The Case of Space Exploration," Gonzalo Munevar

435  "The Science of Values and the Values of Science," Charles Arthur Willard


445  "The Path of Legal Reasoning in Sex Discrimination Cases," David S. Werling and Richard D. Rieke

465  "Storytelling in Opening Statements: Framing the Argumentation of the Trial," Kathryn Snedaker and Janice Schuetz

Arbitration and Regulation

483  "Exploring the Boundaries of Technical and Social Knowledge: A Case Study I Arbitration Arguments," Randall A. Lake and Colleen M. Keough

497  "Argumentation in Utility Rate Hearings: Public Participation in a Hybrid Field," Michael J. Wallinger

Meaning and Argument

511 "Pragmatics of Meaning," B. Aubrey Fisher

523  "A Constructivist Approach to Meaning: In Defense of Interpretation," Claudia L. Hale

535  "A New Look at Meaning in Systems of Argument," Gary B. LaFleur

547  "Narrative Beliefs: Belief Spirals and the Probability of Stories," Randall K. Stutman

Interpersonal Argumentation

557  "Metaphor an Metonymy: A Relational Look at Argument and Arguing," Frank E. Millar and Gail P. Moore

578  "Argumentation, Interpersonal Communication, Persuasion, and the Process(es) of Compliance Gaining Message Use," Franklin J. Boster

592  "The Role of Argumentation in Source Credibility," William L. Benoit

604  "Strategies for Threatening Face: Mitigating and Aggravating Bids and Rejections," Pamela J. Benoit

619  "Toward a Developmental Perspective on Argumentative Competence," Julie M. Yingling and Robert Trapp

634  "Social Confrontation in Varying Degrees of Intimacy," Sara E. Newell and Kathryn L. Adams

648  "Arguing Strategies of the Elderly," Janice Schuetz

665  "Can Ordinary Arguers Recognize a Valid Conclusion If It Walks Up and Bites Them on the Butt?" Scott Jacobs, Mike Allen, Sally Jackson, and Dan Petrel

675  "Unused Compliance Gaining Strategies," Dale Hample and Judith M. Dallinger

692  "An Investigation of Relational Interaction and Interpersonal Argument," Ann K. Burnett and G. Lloyd Drecksel

705  "What Are Conversational Arguments? Toward a Natural Language User’s Perspective," Robert W. Martin and Dirk R. Scheerhorn

Argument in Groups and Organizations

723  "A Critical Summary of Research on the Role of Argument in Decision-Making Groups," Dennis S. Gouran

737  "The Functions of Argumentation in Group Deliberation," Randy Y. Hirokawa and Dirk R. Scheerhorn

747  "Argumentation and Negotiation," Gregg B. Walker

770  "Patterns of Argumentation in High and Low Consensus Discussions," Roger C. Pace

782  "The Effects of Evidence on the Perceived Outcome in Superior-Subordinate Decision-Making Situations," Kay Neal

Debate Theory and Argument Pedagogy

Academic Debate

807  "The Art of Storytelling: An Argument for the Narrative Perspective in Academic Debate," Thomas A. Hollihan, Patricia Riley, and Kevin T. Baaske

827  "The Role of Propositions in Forensic Argument," Thomas J. Hynes and Walter Ulrich

841  "Topicality and Division of Ground: Framing Policy Dialiectic," David Hingstman

854  "A Paradigmatic Theory of Topicality," Mike Allen and Nancy Burrell

Teaching Argumentation

862 "Argumentation for the General Student: Toward a Pedagogical Justification," Patricia M. Ganer

874  "Teaching the Argumentation Course from a Multifaceted Perspective," Clark D. Olson

883  "Teaching Argumentation from a Competitive Perspective," Keith Freadhoff

886  "On the Dilemma of Ad Hoc Argument Fields: The Inadequacy of Field Dependent Argument Standards," Craig A. Dudczak


Cox, J. Robert, Malcolm O. Sillars, and Gregg B. Walker, eds.  Argument and Social Practice:  Proceedings of the Fourth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation.  Annandale VA: Speech Communication Association, 1985.