Third SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 1983


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Keynote Address

17  "The Contemporary Renaissance in the Study of Argument," Wayne Brockriede

Argumentation Theory

27 "Aristotle’s Indebtedness to the Sophists," John Poulakos

43  "Ethical Proof: A Re-Examination of Aristotelian Theory," Joseph W. Wenzel

54  "The End of Reason: The Critique of Rationality as Argumentative Strategy in Horkheimer," David B. Hingstmans

65  "Argument-as-Epistemic and the Matter of Unsolvable Problems," Michael S. Bruner

75  "Interrogation and Understanding: The Argumentative Basis of Experience," Frank J. Macke

86 "Problems, Puzzles, and Progress: A Micro-Sketch Toward a Philosophy of the Public Sphere," Charles Arthur Willard

105  "An Essay on the Flip Side of Privacy," Michael Calvin McGee

116  "Theorists Understanding ‘The Public’: An Informal Study in Technical Argument," Ed Schiappa

127  "Knowledge and Argument: An Example from English Studies," Patricia Bizzell

135  "Grounds for Argument: Stasis Theory and the Topoi," Jeanne R. Fahnestock

147  "Fields of Argument and Special Topoi," Carolyn R. Miller

159  "The Aesthetic Dimension: A Note on Ideology, Criticism and Reality," Philip Wander

Argumentation in Special Fields

170  "Notes on the Character of Argument in Modern Economics," Donald N. McCloskey

188  "Some Tentative Reflections on Ethos, Argument, and Methodology in the History of Ideas," Alan Megill

201  "Moral Argument in Political History: The Case of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates," David Zarefsky

213  "Models, Statistics, and Other Tropes of Politics: Or, Whatever Happened to Argumentation in Political Science?" John S. Nelson

230  "Rhetoric in the Human Sciences: A Response to Professors Megill, Zarefsky, McCloskey, and Nelson," Michael Osborn

235  "Categories of Reasoning in Legal Argument," Sally Asbell Sheppard and Richard D. Rieke

251  "Rhetorical Argument in Science: The Function of Presumption," Anne Holmquest

272  "Technical Writing as Argumentation," Douglas Bradley Smith

Political Argumentation

285 "Substantive and Regulative Functions of Ideographs: ‘Liberty,’ ‘Order,’ and ‘Public Trust’ in Eighteenth-Century Anglo-Whiggism," John Louis Lucaites

305  "Becoming the Past: The Rationale of Renewal and the Annulment of History," Jeff D. Bass

319  "On Questions of Evaluation and Survival in Nuclear Conflict: A Case Study in Public Argument and Rhetorical Criticism," G. Thomas Goodnight

339  "Direct Mail Fundraising Letters: ‘Objectifying’ Arguments in a Personal Medium," J. Robert Cox

352  "The American Concept of Progress in Liberal Argument," Thomas Kane

365  "The Impasse of the Liberal Argument: Speculation on American Politics in the Late 1960’s," David Zarefsky

380  "Why the New Deal Still Needs a Hero: Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.’s Arguments for Liberalism in the 1980’s," Steve Depoe

Studies in Public Argumentation

400 "Ways of Going Public: The Projection of Expertise in the Sociobiology Controversy," John R. Lyne

416  "’Creation-Science’ Is Not ‘Science’: Argument Fields and Public Argument," James T. Hayes

423  "Creationism: The Argument That Time Forgot?" John Angus Campbell

441  "Public Moral Argument: The Nuclear Controversy," Walter R. Fisher

463  "Storytelling as a Mode of Moral Argument: A Response to Professor Fisher," Bruce E. Gronbeck

471  "The Johnstonian Predicament in Moral Argument: The Case of the Abortion Controversy," Randall A. Lake

486  "The Institute for Propaganda Analysis: Public Education in Argumentation, 1937-1942," J. Michael Sproule

500  "Toward a Model of Effective Public Argumentation: A Case Study of Executive Presentations to City Councils," John E. Crawford

Theories of Interpersonal Argumentation

516  "Generic Characteristics of Argumentation in Everyday Discourse," Robert Trapp

531  "Reasoning: An Analysis of Unplanned, Interactional Discourse," Clark D. Olson and Patricia M. Ganer

544  "Characteristics of Arguing from a Social Actor’s Perspective," Pamela J. Benoit

560  "The Functions of Argument," Dale Hample

576  "Reciprocity of Communication and the ‘Social Skills’ Approach to Marriage," Alan L. Sillars and Gary R. Pike

597  "Interactional Antecedents of Social Reasoning Development: Interpreting the Effects of Parent Discipline on Children," Brant R. Burleson

611  "Moral Reasoning Development: An Introductory Review of Correlates and Antecedents," Susan L. Kline and Judith A. Woloschuk

631  "The Arguer in Interpersonal Argument: Pros and Cons of Individual-Level Analysis," Sally Jackson

Argumentation in Group Communication

638  "Argumentativeness: Its Role in Leadership Perception and Group Communication," Beatrice Schultz

649  "Complexity: The Function of Leadership," G. Lloyd Drecksel

667  "Communicative Influences on Inferential Judgments in Decision-Making Groups: A Descriptive Analysis," Dennis S. Gouran

Argumentation and Conflict

685  "On the Relation Between Argumentative and Compliance Gaining Strategies," Jo Liska

697  "Conventional Postulates of Interpersonal Argument," Gary Cronkhite

707  "Control and Intent Profiles of Interpersonal Conflict," Frank E. Millar

725  "Interpersonal Disagreement: The Study of Social Confrontation," Sara E. Newell and Randall K. Stutman

740  "Negotiating Social Conflict in Varying Relational Contexts," Katherine Adams

749  "When Worlds Collide: An Application of Field Theory to Rhetorical Conflict," Scott Jacobs

Theoretical Essays in Forensics

756  "Can We Save Policy Making?" Thomas J. Hynes, Jr.

772  "Lessons Learned: The Philosophy of Ordinary Language and the Theory of Debate," David B. Hingstman

792  "Root Metaphors and Terministic Screens: Another Look at Paradigms," Donn W. Parson

800  "Stasis and the Development of Hierarchies for the Resolution of Topicality," Edward A. Hinck and Andrew J. Rist

812  "Solvency and Inherecy: Comparing the Efficacy of Policies," Carl D. Flaningam

Comparisons of Value and Policy Debate

822  "The Philosophical Presuppositions of Value Debate," Robert Rowland

837  "Value Argumentation in a Competitive Setting: An Inhibition to Ordinary Language Use," Craig A. Dudczak

845  "Comparison of CEDA and NDT: Differences in Program Characteristics and Forensic Director Attitudes," Ronald Lee, Karen King Lee, and Matthew Seeger

858  "A Comparison of Judging Paradigms," David C. Buckley

871  "A Content Analysis of Selected CEDA and NDT Judges’ Ballots," Thomas A. Hollihan, Patricia Riley, and Curtis C. Austin

Practice and Teaching of Forensics

883  "First Negative Strategies," Dwaine R. Hemphill

893 "Cross Examination Re-examined," George Ziegelmueller

904  "A Jurisprudential Approach to Final Rebuttal," Scott L. Harris

918 "Rhetorical Criticism as Argument: A Need for Social Criticism," John M. Murphy

927  "Rapprochement of World1 and World2: Discovering the Ties Between Practical Discourse and Forensics," Jack Kay

938  "The Influence of the Judge on the Debate Round," Walter Ulrich

Workshop in Pedagogy and Curriculum Development

951 Summary of the Workshop in Pedagogy and Curriculum Development


Zarefsky, David, Malcolm O. Sillars, and Jack Rhodes, eds.  Argument in Transition:  Proceedings of the Third Summer Conference on Argumentation.  Annandale VA: Speech Communication Association, 1983.