Second SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 1981


pp.  "Title,"  Author, Institution


1  "Sociocultural Notions of Argument Fields: A Primer," Bruce E. Gronbeck

21  "Field Theory: A Cartesian Meditation," Charles Arthur Willard

44 "A Dramatistic Approach to Fields," James F. Klumpp

56  "Argument Fields," Robert Rowland

80  "Argument Fields: Some Social Constructivist Observations," Charles W. Kneupper

88  "’Reasonableness’ in Public Policy Argument: Fields as Institutions," David Zarefsky

101  "Historical Reason: Field as Consciousness," John Angus Campbell

114  "Good Reasons: Fields and Genre," Walter R. Fisher

126  "Investigating Policy Argument as a Field," J. Robert Cox

143  "Investigating Religious Argument as a Field," Malcolm O. Sillars

152  "Investigating Legal Argument as a Field," Richard D. Rieke

159  "Jurisprudential Origins and Applications of Presumption and Burden of Proof," Daniel M. Rohrer

179  "An Empirical Investigation of Argumentative Strategies Employed in Supreme Court Opinions," William Lyon Benoit

196  "Policy Advocacy in the Legal Setting: A Case Analysis," David A. Ling

207  "The Unique Role of Language in the Judicial Process: After-the-Fact Classification of Human Behavior," M. Jack Parker

213  "A Situational Perspective for the Study of Legal Argument: A Case Study of Brown V. Board of Education," Nancy Dunbar and Martha Cooper

242  "’Think Like a Lawyer’: Valid Law School Admonition?" Charles B. Shafer

268  "The Functions of Legal Argumentation in Pre-Trial Advocacy," Kenneth W. Salter

279  "The Genesis of Argumentative Forms and Fields," Janice Schuetz


295  "A Search for an Appropriate Argumentative Paradigm," Colan T. Hanson

304  "The Role of Argumentative Analysis in Individual Events," William L. Benoit

310  "Argumentative Goals of Individual Events: An Attempt at Definition," Paul C. Gaske

325  "Predominant Forms of Argument in Individual Events," Suzanne Larson and Sean Patrick O’Rourke

338  "Evidentiary Concerns in the Community of Individual Events," Jack Kay

356  "Ways That Argument May Be Applied in the Oral Interpretation Events," Kathleen H. Olsen

367  "In What Ways Is Argument Applied in the Non-Prepared Speech Events?" James W. Pratt

384  "In What Ways Is Argument Applied in the Prepared Speech Events?" Brenda J. Logue

395  "Do Judging Standards in Individual Events Reflect an Argumentation Perspective?" Bruce B. Manchester and Sheryl A. Friendley

405  "Are New Events Neede to Enhance a Laboratory Experience in Argumentation?" Michael D. Bartanen

415  "The Re-Union of Argumentation and Debate Theory," G. Thomas Goodnight

433  "Judging Paradigms: The Impact of the Critic on Argument," Austin J. Freeley

448  "Debate Paradigms: A Critical Evaluation," Robert Rowland

476  "Counter-Warrants: An Idea Whose Time Has Not Come," Patricia M. Ganer

485  "A Defense of the Counter-Warrant as Negative Argument," Austin J. Freeley

494  "Propositions of Value: An Inquiry Into Issue Analysis and the Locus of Presumption," Ronald J. Mation

513  "Value Resolutions, Presumption, and Stock Issues," David A. Thomas and Maridell Fryar

532  "On ‘Being Reasonable’: The Last Refuge of Scoundrels," Donn W. Parson

544  "Determining What Arguments are Critical," Walter Ulrich

554  "Significance in Academic Debate," Thomas J. Hynes, Jr.

568  "Counterplan Competitiveness in the Stock Issues Paradigm," John S. Gossett


579 "Adult Reasons in Supplication: Nondebaters Vs. Debaters; Nontraditional Vs. Traditional," Richard D. Rieke

595  "Child Reason in Supplicatory Discourse: Rules to be Refined," Mary Louise Willbrand

609  "’I Gotta Lesson You’: Childish Arguments," Norman Elliott

624  "The Use of Argument by Preschool Children: The Emergent Production of Rules for Winning Arguments," Pamela J. Benoit

643  "Negotiating the Role of Friend," Dennis C. Alexander and Sara E. Newell

663  "Argument, Group Influence, and Decision Outcomes," David R. Seibold, Robert D. McPhee, Marshall Scott Poole, Nancy E. Tanity, and Daniel J. Canary

693  "A Processual Analysis of Argumentation in Polarizing Groups," Steven Alderton

704  "The Budget Expenditure Reduction Process: Its Effect on the Argumentation and Decision-Making of Elected Officials," Carl M. Moore

719  "Heuristic and Eristic Rhetoric in Small Group Interaction: An Examination of Quasi-Logical Argument," Richard Leo Enos

728  Cognitive Sources of Inferential Error and the Contributing Influence of Interaction Characteristics in Decision-Making Groups," Dennis S. Gouran

749  "Argument as a Metaphor for Negotiating Social Relationships," B. Aubrey Fisher

770  "Topical Invention and Group Communication: Towards a Sociology of Inference," Michael C. Leff and Dean E. Hewes

790  "The Role of Advocacy in Small Group Discussion," Alice Donaldson


799  "Rhetoric and the Problem of Legitimacy," John Louis Lucaites

812  "Rhetoric as Source of Legitimacy: The Nation-State and the Myth of Quebec National Identity," Maurice Charland

820  "Arguing as ‘Speaking a Language’: Semiotic Consistency," John R. Lyne

848  "Saving the Public Sphere Through Rational Discourse," Bob Pryor

865  "Johnstone’s Versions of Rhetoric," Molly Wertheimer

875  "What Is a Good Argument?" Dale Hample

894  "Dramatism and Argument," Charles W. Kneupper

905  "The Ideality of Meaning of Argument: A Revision of Habermas," Thomas B. Farrell

927  "The Ideal Speech Situation: A Discussion of Its Presuppositions," Susan L. Kline

940  "Habermas’ Ideal Speech Situation: Some Critical Questions," Joseph W. Wenzel

955  "The Senses of Argument Revisited: Prolegomena to Future Characterization of Argument," Brant R. Burlesson

980  "Senses of Argument: Uses and Limitations of the Concept," Ray E. McKerrow

989  "Deep Rhetoric: A Substantive Alternative to Consequentialism in Exploring the Ethics of Rhetoric," Charles Follette

1003  "The Rawlsian Argument for a Model of Developing an Ethic," Kenneth E. Andersen

1014  "Debating Value Propositions: A Game for Dialecticians," Walter R. Fisher


Ziegelmueller, George, and Jack Rhodes, eds.  Dimensions of Argument:  Proceedings of the Second Summer Conference on Argument.  Annandale VA: Speech Communication Association, 1981.