Fifteenth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 2007

Concerning Argument


Jacobs, Scott, ed.  Concering Argument.  Washington:  National Communication Association, 2009.

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1    What Are We Learning About the Pragmatics of the Arguers’Obligations?, Fred J. Kauffeld, Edgewood College

Selected Conference Papers

33    Mark Aakhus, Rutgers University, "The Experiences of Policy Professionals in Designing Deliberation"

41    Shana Albright, Saint Louis University, and Elisia L. Cohen, University of Kentucky,"Stretching “Pre-Pregnant” Health Warnings: Debates Over Scientific Risk in Public Fora"

51    Satoru Aonuma, Kanda University of International Studies, "Counter Public and a Regime of Strategic Deception: Revisiting the Japan-U.S. Missile Defense Collaboration Advocacy"

61    Shawn Batt, Michigan State University, "Communicating with Experts: Issues of Integrity and Interaction Design"

70    Chantal Benoit-Barné, Université de Montréal, "Reflections on Science and Technology Controversies, Material Recalcitrance and Empty Reservoirs that Suddenly Become Full"

78    Derek Buescher, University of Puget Sound, and Kent Ono, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "The Content of Citizenship"

88    Thomas B. Byers, University of Louisville, "Against Nature: Reasons Not to Use the Biological Causation Argument for GLBT Rights"

95    Daniel J. Canary, Arizona State University, and Harry Weger, Jr., University of Central Florida, "An Observational Analysis of Conversational Argument Sequences and Assessments of Communication Quality: A Minimally Rational Perspective"

110   Meryl J. Irwin Carlson, The University of Iowa, "Sympathetic/Alienation: The Smithian and Marxian Agency of Aesthetics"

120   M. Kelly Carr, University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland, and Marilyn J. Young, The Florida State University, "Throwing Out the Baby While Saving the Bath Water: Regents v. Bakke, Affirmative Action, and Argument from Definition"

130    Dacia Charlesworth, Robert Morris University, "Mel Gibson and Celebrity Apologia: Unifying Rhetoric of Atonement and Organizational Crisis Communication"

139    Lynn Clarke, Vanderbilt University,"The Judicial Redefinition of Marriage: Deploying an Evolutionary Framework and Upstaging Public Debate"

147    Dana L. Cloud, Bryan J. McCann and Kathleen E. Feyh, University of Texas, "The Kairos of the Vanguard"

158    David R. Dewberry, University of Denver, and Pat Arneson, Duquesne University, "Based in and Focused on Argumentation: Communicative and Legal Approaches to Free Speech and the First Amendment"

166    Rachel L. DiCioccio and Sandra M. Ketrow, University of Rhode Island, "Family Communication, Argument, and Critical Decision-Making"

184    James Dimock, Minnesota State University - Mankato, "Putting the Argument Back in the Spheres of Argument"

192    Jeff Drury, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Constructing the Bandwagon: Invocations of Public Opinion in Presidential Rhetoric"

201    Craig A. Dudczak, Syracuse University, "Reversal of Presumption: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, If Then"

211    Jonathan J. Edwards, Northwestern University. "Revive Us O Lord: Revival Rhetoric and the Revitalization of Religious Advocacy"

222    Danielle Endres and Samantha Senda-Cook, University of Utah, "Place in Protest: An Analysis of Place, Argument, and Protest"

233    Valeria Fabj, Lynn University, "Discovering Textures in the Technical Sphere of Argument: Debating Intersex"

242    Eric M. Gander, Baruch College, CUNY, "A Future for Citizenship"

251    Matt Gerber, Baylor University, "Rhetorical 'Whitewashing': The Case of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots"

258    John Giertz, Bakersfield College, "Think Critically, Defend Contextually, Change Accordingly: The Current State of Dialogic Argumentation"

267    G. Thomas Goodnight, Zoltan P. Majdik and John M. Kephart III, University of Southern California, "Presidential Debates as Public Argument"

280    Dennis S. Gouran, Penn State University, "Potential Cognitive and Social Influences on Communicative Behavior Implicit in Rational Models of Collective Choice"

290    Bruce E. Gronbeck, The University of Iowa, "Theories of Visual Argumentation: A Comparative Analysis"

298    Heidi Hamilton, Emporia State University, "Mothers at the Forefront of the Battle on the Homefront: Do Good Mothers Send their Children to War or Prevent Them?"

307    Dale Hample, University of Maryland, Allison K. Jones, Western Illinois University, and Joshua M. Averbeck, University of Oklahoma, "The Rationality Engine: How Do Arguers Deal Spontaneously with Fallacies?"

318    Andrew C. Hansen, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, "Argument for and by Ethos in the Rise of Victorian Science: Francis Galton’s English Men of Science"

326    Craig Hayden, University of Southern California, "The Role of Argument in Arab Media Framing about the United States"

336    Paul Hendrickson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “'The Worst of the Worst': Guantánamo, Dissent, and the Languages of Human Rights"

346    Darrin Hicks, University of Denver, "Unreasonable Force: Image Schemas in the New York Times Coverage of the Sean Bell Shooting"

355    Jeffrey Dale Hobbs, University of Texas at Tyler, and Robert C. Chandler, Pepperdine University, "Finding Forgiveness: An Analysis of Implicit Argumentation in Martha Stewart’s Apologia"

366    Robert Glenn Howard, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Hybrid Agencies on the Vernacular Web"

375    Brandon Inabinet, Northwestern University, "Masked Dueling in the Jacksonian Press: The Adams-Calhoun Controversy"

383    John P. Jackson, Jr., University of Colorado at Boulder, "Argument by Dissociation in Logical Empiricism"

394    Jeffrey W. Jarman, Wichita State University, "It’s the Economy, Stupid! Public Sphere Discussion of the Minimum Wage Increase"

404    Eric Jenkins, University of Georgia, "The Presence of Perelman: Selection and Attention in a Noisy World"

414    Hideki Kakita, Dokkyo University, "Interpreting Rhetorical Agency in the Age of Neo-Liberalism: A Controversy over Critical Praxis"

424    Christopher Kamrath, University of San Francisco, "John Dewey on Reasonableness and Imagination in the Face of War, 1917"

433    Casey Ryan Kelly, University of Minnesota, "Scientific Certainty and Ethical Obligations: Reframing Global Warming"

442    Susan L. Kline, The Ohio State University, "Dialogical Mechanisms in Argument: The Role of Articulation"

453    James F. Klumpp, University of Maryland, "There are People Working in Those Fields: Identifying the Genome, Assessing the Harvest"

462    Ben Krueger, University of Maryland, "Evil That Good May Come? A Rhetorical Analysis of the Moral Theory of Thomas Aquinas"

470    Lenore Langsdorf, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, "Reasonableness in Interpretive Argumentation"

478    Daisy R. Lemus, California State University-Northridge, "Argument Structures and Decision Outcomes in Computer-Mediated Groups"

487    William Lewis, Drake University, "Rescuing The Fugitive: “Reason” on Trial in Sheppard v. Maxwell, or, How Law is Like Professional Wrestling"

495    Zoltan P. Majdik, University of Southern California, "Between Morality and Ethics: Risk and Argument in Direct-to-Consumer Genetics"

506    Mary Marcel, Bentley College, "Incommensurable Data, Procrustean Paradigms: Why News of Sexual Abuse of Nuns by Priests Never Made Your Hometown Newspaper"

515    Matthew S. May, University of Minnesota, “'Let us be Realistic and Demand the Impossible': Defining Kairos in Contemporary Marxism"

524    Kelly M. McDonald, Arizona State University, "Memorial and Memory in Controversy: Arizona’s State Memorial to September 11th"

536    Ryan Erik McGeough, Louisiana State University, and Catherine Helen Palczewski, University of Northern Iowa, "Counter-Monuments, Contested Memories and Public Accountability: The Hamburg Monument Against Fascism, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, and the Fetterman Battlefield Memorial"

547    William J. McKinney, Slippery Rock University, "On the Epistemic Context of Interrogative Belief Systems: The Case of the Civic Turn in Liberal Education"

555    Sara Ann Mehltretter, The Pennsylvania State University, and Dale A. Herbeck, Boston College, "Looks Count: Newspaper Accounts of the First Kennedy-Nixon Debate during the 2004 Presidential Campaign"

558    Gordon R. Mitchell, Carly Woods, Matthew Brigham, Eric English and John Rief, University of Pittsburgh, "DAWG Power: The Synergy of Writing in Packs"

572    John S. Nelson, University of Iowa, "Popular Rhetorics for Non-Linear Politics: Movements, Styles, Systems, and More"

580    Kathryn M. Olson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "How Can We Address No Child Left Behind? The Importance of Inherency Analysis on Public Issues"

590    Roosmaryn Pilgram, University of Amsterdam, and Leah E. Polcar, University of Amsterdam, "Materializing Material Starting Points: Identifying Commitments in Argumentative Discourse"

599    Carrie Anne Platt, University of Southern California, "Focusing the Family: The Argumentative Evolution of “Family Values” in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate"

609    Leah E. Polcar, Roosmaryn Pilgram, and A. Francisca Snoeck Henkemans, University of Amsterdam, “'Not That I Need To Go Into Detail About Praeteritio': An Empirical Investigation of the Use of Praeteritio in Argumentative Discussions"

618    Steven Rafferty, University of Southern California, "Fruitless Speech? An Analysis of Parrhesia in the Pre-Invasion Debate on Troop Levels"

628    Jason Regnier, The University of Iowa, "The Critical Persona: Reading the African Uranium Controversy"

636    Robert C. Rowland, The University of Kansas, "Purpose, Argument Fields, and the Problem of Expertise"

645    Janice Schuetz, University of New Mexico, "Definitions of Science in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District"

653    Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre, Western Washington University, "A Rhetorical Reading of Katrina Exposed: Public Photographs, Memory, and Colonialism"

661    Matthew J. Sobnosky, Hofstra University, "Strategies for Listening: Activism and the Reframing of Public Discourse about HIV"

669    Bjørn F. Stillion Southard and James F. Klumpp, University of Maryland, "Moderate Political Argument: A Philosophical and Empirical Exploration"

677    Craig O. Stewart, Old Dominion University, "Ill Communication: Arguing the Status of Homosexuality in DSM-III, 1976-1978"

687    Kirsten Theye, University of Kansas, "Satire as Entelechial Fear Appeal: The Case of the Flying Spaghetti Monster"

695    N.B. Usher, University of Southern California, "Visual Argument and Interactive Visual Images: “Virtual” Experience and the Consequences for Argument"

703    Chara K. Van Horn, Georgia State University, "Secrecy, Authority, and the Mundane: The Peculiar Form of the Warren Commission Report"

712    Scott Varda, University of Iowa, "Reconsidering McGee’s Clarion Call: Viewing Academic Debate as Legitimate Offspring of Isocratic Rhetorical Theory"

722    Ben Voth, Miami University, "The New Anti-Semitism"

730    Don Waisanen, University of Southern California, and Takeshi Suzuki, Tsuda College, "Audience Roles in an Infotaining Public Sphere: Polarization, Critical Deliberation, or Epideictic Engagement?"

740    Lindsay D. Wakefield, University of Oklahoma, "Merging Apologia and Stasis: Locating the Argument in the Apologia of the Cheney/Whittington Hunting Mishap"

749    Harry Weger, Jr., University of Central Florida, Mark Aakhus, Rutgers University, and Leah E. Polcar, University of Amsterdam, "An Exploratory Study of Responses to Fallacies in Public Debates: Audience Perceptions of Reasonableness and Effectiveness"

761    Rachel Avon Whidden and Taylor Tuscherer, Lake Forest College, “'Good Parents Vaccinate': An Analysis of Merck’s Gardasil Campaign"

768    Robyn Wicks and Marouf Hasian, Jr., University of Utah, “'The Preacher,' Mental Illness, and the Argumentative Construction of the Irrational in Panetti v. Quarterman"

776    Charles Arthur Willard, Shirley Willihnganz and Joy L. Hart, University of Louisville, "Building an Argument"

783    Cynthia Willis-Chun, Willamette University, "Squaring Argument Spheres: A Modest Proposal"

792    Carol Winkler, Georgia State University, "Extending the Benefits of Debate: Outcomes of the Computer Assisted Debate Project"

801    David Zarefsky, Northwestern University, "Well-Plowed Fields: In the Eye of the Beholder?"

810    Frank Zenker, University of Hamburg, "Complexity without Insight: Ceteris paribus Clauses in Assessing Conductive Argumentation"

819    Joseph P. Zompetti, Illinois State University, and David Cratis Williams, Florida Atlantic University, "Democratic Civic Engagement and Pedagogical Pursuits: Using Argumentation and Debate to Energize Concerned Citizens"

The Alta Conference

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