Fourteenth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 2005

Engaging Argument



Riley, Patricia, ed.  Engaging Argument.  Washington:  National Communication Association, 2006.

pp. Author, "Title," 


1 James F. Klumpp, University of Maryland."Facts, Truth and Iraq: A Call to Stewardship of Democratic Argument."

18 Kathryn M. Olson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. "The Epideictic Lens: The Unrealized Potential of Existing Argumentation Theory to Explain the Bush Administration's Presentation of War with Iraq."

Engaging Violence

29 David Zarefsky, Northwestern University. "Terrorism and the Argument from Ignorance."

36 Takeshi Suzuki, Tsuda College and Noriko Sekido, Tsuda College. "Noam Chomsky's Response to President Bush After 9/11: An Analysis of Public Dissension."

43 Bernardo Alexander Attias, California State University, Northridge. "Towards a Rhetorical Understanding of Modern Terrorism."

51 Satoru Aonuma, Kanda University of International Studies and Mitsuhiro Fujimaki, Bunkyo University. "Northern Exposure and Nuclear Disclosure: A Case for Argumentative Intervention in International Relations."

59 Davi Johnson, University of Georgia. "Visibility and Violence: The Bodies of Birmingham."

66 Charles Arthur Willard, Joy L. Hart, Shirley Willihnganz, University of Louisville. "Monumental Accusations and Grave Errors"

Engaging the State

73 Carol Winkler, Georgia State University. "Public Diplomacy, the Victim/Savior, and U.S. War on Terror. "

81 Craig Hayden, University of Southern California. "Argument-Driven International Media Campaigns: Competition of Argument Formations within the Network Society."

89 Eric Morris, Southwest Missouri State University. "Bush's 16 Words: A Toulminian Perspective on the Nuance and/or Deception in the 2003 State of the Union Address."

97 David Cratis Williams, Florida Atlantic University, and Marilyn J. Young, Florida State University. "Managing "Democracy" in the Age of Terrorism: Putin, Bush and Arguments from Definition."

104 Gordon R. Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh, Georgeta Bradatan, "Petru Rares" National College, Romania, Dejan Colev, Cirilo & Metodije School, Serbia, Tsvetelina Manolova, Alexander Language School, Bulgaria, Gligor Mitkovski, Independent scholar, Macedonia, Iva Nestoro, Southwestern University, Bulgaria, Milena Ristic, Economic-Trade School, Kosovo, Gentiana Sheshi, Educational Directorate, Albania. "Navigating Dangerous Deliberative Waters: Shallow Argument Pools, Group Polarization and Public Debate Pedagogy in Southeast Europe."

114 Melissa Franke, University of Southern California. "Toward a Theory of Radical Deliberation in Foreign Policy Debate."

121 Rae Lynn Schwartz, University of Iowa. "Graphing the National: The Rhetoric of National Geographic's Afghan Girl."

128 Valeria Fabj, Lynn University. "Personal Healing and Public Recognition: The Rhetorical
Invention of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder."

135 Brian Lain, University of Texas. "Identifying (with) the Place of Power: Recognition in Arguments
for Reparation."

142 Jeremiah Hickey, Texas A&M University. "Rhetorical Communities and the New Federalism."


Engaging the Public

148 Bjørn F. Stillion Southard, University of Maryland. "Arguing Benevolently: The Establishment of the American Colonization Society."

155 Benjamin Ponder, Northwestern University. "The Mediation of Episteme and Doxa in Demosthenes' Third Philippic."

161 Carrie Anne Platt, University of Southern California. "Opening up Spaces for Deliberation through Art: The Blurring of Public and Private Suffering in Euripides' The Trojan Women."

168 Kate Zittlow Rogness, University of Denver. "Lucy Hayes' Recusal from the Women's Rights Movement: Iconic Implications of the First Lady in the Public Sphere."

174 Bruce E. Gronbeck, University of Iowa. "Varied Relationships between Verbal and Visual Discourses: Jacob Riis' Arguments for Slum Reform."

183 Kathryn C. Palmer, University of Wisconsin, Madison. "Representing the Poor: Jacob Riis and the Rhetoric of Reform."

192 Martín Carcasson, Colorado State University. "The Rhetoric of the Working Poor: The Revival of the Living Wage."

198 Jeffrey VanCleave, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. "A New Internationalism: Anti-Globalization and the American Labor Movement's Advocacy."

205 Jiyeon Kang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. "Reconfiguring Argument Fields: Toward a Dynamics of Discursive Public Spheres."

213 Chantal Benoit-Barné, Université de Montréal. "When Citizens Blur the Lines between Innovation and Politics: Thinking Beyond the Technical/Public Opposition."

220 Janice Schuetz, University of New Mexico. "Blogs, Argument, and the Terry Schiavo Case."

227 Carly Woods, University of Pittsburgh. "Presumption, Precaution, and Prudence: Common Sense Arguments in the Global Warming Debate."

234 Damien Pfister, University of Pittsburgh. " and the Nichification of Democracy."

243 David Schulz, California State University, Stanislaus. "Mobilizing Museums: Visual Arguments at the George H. W. Bush (41) Museum."

Engaging Counterpublics

250 Elizabeth Galewski, University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Counter/publicity: Conceiving the Means of Effective Representation."

257 Jonathan J. Edwards, Northwestern University. "Christian Counterpublics: Evangelical Discourse and the Critique of Modernism."

265 Matthew J. Sobnosky, Hofstra University. "Gay People, Alternative Places, Taboo Topics: Some Material and Cultural Influences on the Formation of a Counterpublic."

271 Kevin Baaske, California State University, Los Angeles. "Arguing about Marriage: Antimiscegenation Laws in Analogue to the Same-Sex Marriage Dispute."

278 Davin Allen Grindstaff, Georgia State University. "The State of Queer Citizenship: Same-Sex Marriage and Judicial Opinion."

286 Sarah K. Burgess, University of California Berkeley. 'Transitional Bodies of Law: The Demand for Recognition in the United Kingdom's Gender Recognition Act."

293 Leslie J. Harris, Lake Forest College. "Torn From Her Very Bosom: Melodramatic Argument in
Nineteenth Century Law."

299 Kyra Pearson, Loyola Marymount University. "Assassinating Publics: "Feminist Fatales" and the Death of Political Space."

306 Kasia Anderson, University of Southern California. "How to 'Dixie Chick': Celebrity Advocacy, Public Protest and the Body Politic."

312 Eric M. Gander, Baruch College, CUNY. "The Legal Theory of Incitement: A Brief History."

318 Fred J. Kauffeld, and Leah May, Edgewood College. "Exhorting and Inciting."

Engaging Politics

326 Robert C. Rowland, University of Kansas. "Campaign Argument and the Public Sphere: A Case Study of the Process of Developing Messages in a Congressional Campaign."

333 Thomas A. Hollihan, University of Southern California. "¡Si Se Puede! An Engaged Look at the Villaraigosa Mayoral Campaign."

342 Allan Louden, Wake Forest University. "Gauging Unique Qualities of Political Debates in State Level Races: The Case of Montana Gubernatorial and North Carolina U.S. Senate Elections."

Engaging Deliberative Practices

348 Catherine H. Palczewski, John Fritch, Eric Short, and Jennifer Farrell, University of Northern Iowa. "Ripe for Controversy: Churchill's 9/11 Essay."

359 G. Thomas Goodnight, University of Southern California. "Smoking Guns, Cherry-Picking and Stove-Piping: On Critical Metaphors, Discourse Events and Argumentation Games."

367 Elisia L. Cohen, St. Louis University. "Hanoi John" and "Chickenhawks": The Reaffirmation and
Subversion of the Vietnam War Hero in the 2004 Presidential Campaign."

373 Jeffrey R. Sens. "Screaming at Publics and the Illegible Decorum of Political Anger."

380 John M. Kephart III, University of Southern California. "Argumentation and Democracy: Towards a Model of Deliberative Debate."

386 John S. Nelson, University of Iowa and Anna Lorien Nelson, Harvard and Yale Universities. "Words and Pictures in Politics: Appeals in Iowa Presidential Spots for 2004."

394Zoltan P. Majdik, University of Southern California. "Quo Vadis, Political Debate? Truth-Telling Through Comedy in Jon Stewart's Crossfire Appearance."

Engaging Arguments and Argumentativeness

402 Mark Aakhus, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. "The Act and Activity of Proposing in Deliberation."

409 Sally Jackson, University of Arizona. "Designing Countermoves to Reshape a Disagreement Space."

416 Scott Jacobs, University of Arizona. "Finding Available Means to Put Things Right."

426 Douglas Walton, University of Winnipeg. "Disagreement Space, Burden of Proof and Fallacies."

432 Frans H. van Eemeren and Peter Houtlosser, University of Amsterdam. "Countering Fallacious Moves."

438 Douglas Walton, University of Winnipeg and David M. Godden, University of Windsor. "Alternatives to Suspicion and Trust as Conditions for Challenge in Argumentative Dialogue."

445 Frans H. van Eemeren, Bart Garssen and Bert Meuffels, University of Amsterdam. "Apples and Oranges, Peer Pressure, and Other Such Troublemakers: Ordinary Arguers' Opinions about Violations of the Pragma-Dialectical Argument Scheme Rule."

453 Dale Hample, Western Illinois University. "Toward a Theory of Evidence: Perceptual Dimensions and Their Relationships to Persuasiveness."

461 Harry Weger, Jr., University of Central Florida and Samantha R. Duke, Indiana University Southeast. "The Influence of Attachment Style on Argumentativeness in Interpersonal Conflict."

469 Leah E. Polcar, University of Amsterdam. "The Problem of Evasion in Question-Answer Argumentation II: An Analysis of Evasion in the Argumentation Stage of Critical Discussion."

478 Susan L. Kline, Ohio State University. "Deliberating about Behavior Change: Message Monitoring and Person-Centered Regulative Skill."

489 Dennis S. Gouran, Pennsylvania State University. "Leadership as Counteractive Influence in Group Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Discussions: The Special Case of Argument."

Engaging the Academy

498 Danielle R. Wiese, Florida State University and Scott J. Varda, University of Iowa. "Achieving Our Debate Community: An Examination of the New Left in Academic Collegiate Debate."

506 Jan M. Hovden, University of Kansas. "Debate and the Comic Frame: A Burkean Take on the Educational Value of NDT/CEDA Debate."

512 Jarrod Atchison and Edward Panetta, University of Georgia. "Raising a Stink: An Assessment of Argument Presentation and Effects on Secondary Audiences."

518 Rebecca Opsata, California State University, Northridge. "Making a "Correct" Decision: Inexperienced and Experienced Judges in Academic Debate."

525 Heidi L. Muller, University of Northern Colorado. "Collegiate Classroom Discussion Facilitators as Debate Moderators/Therapists."

532 Kathryn M. Olson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. "Educating Rhetorical Leaders."

539 Lenore Langsdorf, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. "Arguing for Analogy: Recognition vs. Invention in the New SAT."

547 Renu Dube, Boise State University. "Fields of Argument and the Locus of the Existent:
Transdisciplinary Travels/Travails of Postcolonial Theory."

554 William C. Trapani, Wayne State University. "Kelly Happe's Shout: Democracy's Detective Mode and the Deferral of New Temporal Materialities."