Thirteenth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 2003

Critical Problems in Argumentation


Willard, Charles Arthur, ed.  Critical Problems in Argumentation.  Washington:  National Communication Association, 2005.

pp. Author, "Title," 


1 Thomas B. Farrell, Northwestern University, "Rhetoric as the Middle Voice in Public Argumentation"

18 Lenore Langsdorf, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, "Articulation by Argumentation: Implications of an Ontological Assumption, and a Respecifying Proposal"

Arguments about Science in the Public Sphere

38 Susan Sattell, Northwestern University. "A 'Deep View' of Agricultural Biotechnology: Recovering Ethos in the Controversy over Genetically Engineered Crops"

49 Eric Gander, Baruch College, CUNY. "Writing on The Blank Slate: Steven Pinker and the Rhetoric and Politics of Human Nature"

60 Jacob Thompson and Matthew Gerber, University of Kansas. "Public Deliberation and Debate About Global Warming: A Test of the Liberal Public Sphere"

Preemptive War Doctrine: Origins and Argumentative Entailments

68 Carol Winkler, Georgia State University, "Preemptive War Doctrine: Early Formulations in U.S. Terrorism Doctrines"

75 Gordon Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh, "Team B Wins Again: Competitive Intelligence Assessment in the Bush National Security Strategy"

87 Takeshi Suzuki and Aya Niitsuma, Tsuda College, Japan, "Argumentative Analysis of President Bush's War Against Terrorism After 9/11"

Rhetoric, Circulation, and the Social Imaginaries of Publics

94 Lynn Clarke, Vanderbilt University, Rhetorical Episodes in Public Controversy and the Generative Moments of Concluding: A Preliminary Engagement with Psychoanalytic Dialogue

102 Kevin Cummings, Regis University, "Argumentation in the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act: An Inquiry into the Logic of Security"

Normative Principles in Argumentation

109 Steven C. Combs, Loyola Marymount University, "The Dao of Argumentation"

Expanding the Boundaries of Argument: Women, Argument and Rhetoric in the Field of the Visual

117 Joan Faber McAlister, University of Iowa, "The Savvy Victim: Cyberporn, Girls, and the Status of the Child as Sexual Subject"

124 Janice Norton, Arizona State University, "Inventing an Artist: Lee Krasner and the Visual Effect 'Jackson Pollack'"

Critical Reflections on the Aesthetic Turn in Argumentation

130 Darrin Hicks, University of Denver, "The Coagulation of Sentiment: Redrawing the Borders between Reasonableness and Common Sense"

136 Jayson Harsin, Northwestern University, "Avant-garde art/argument, Spectacular art/argument: the Challenge to the Challenge of Avant-Garde Argument"

144 Ronald Walter Greene, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, "The Aesthetic Turn and the Value of Labor: Rethinking Citizenship for a Global Economy"

Tropes and Topoi: Revisiting Theory in Controversies

151 Hiroko Okuda, Akita National University, "Dramatism in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan: Consubstantiality in Junichairo Koiszumi's 'Starting from Scratch…. Again'"

159 Edward Panetta, Ryan Galloway, and Donald L. Rubin, University of Georgia, "Just Enjoy Another Smoke: The Use of Redefinition by the Tobacco Industry in Response to Public Health Reports"

166 Krisin Hoerl, University of Texas at Austin, "Public Argument as Self-Preservation: A Critique of Argumentation Theory as a Democratic Practice"

The Argumentative Fields of Popular Culture

173 Lisa R. Foster, University of Texas at Austin, "Deliberating through Spectacle and Existing in Spite of It: A Critical Analysis of the Problematic of Privateness in Televised Public Spheres"

180 Katherine Purvis, Wayne State University, "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Discourse: A Critical Analysis of Discourse Strategies for Science"

187 David Grindstaff, Georiga State University, "Sodomy Laws and Rhetorical Secrets: The Social Construction of Privacy in Lawrence v. Texas"

Argument Quality

194 Dennis S. Gouran, Pennsylvania State University, "Shifting the Frame for Viewing Rational Choice in Decision-making and Problem-Solving Groups"

203 David R. Seibold and Daisy R. Lemus, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Argument Quality in Group Deliberation: A Structurational Approach and Quality of Argument Index"

215 Daniel J. O'Keefe, University of Illinois, "News for Argumentation from Persuasion Effects Research: Two Cheers for Reasoned Discourse"

222 Kati Hannken-Illjes, Martin Luther University, "Under an Umbrella: A Model of Interpersonal Argumentative Competence"

Emotions as Reasons in Public Argument

230 John S. Nelson, University of Iowa, "Voice and Music in Political Telespots: Emotions as Reasons in Public Arguments"

238 Kathryn Olson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, "Evaporation Symbols in Argument: Emotional Dispersion via a Goldwater Campaign Film"

246 Francis Beer, University of Colorado, and G.R. Boynton, University of Iowa, "Globalizing Sympathy"

Magic, Argument, and Popular Culture

252 Jennifer Asenas, University of Texas at Austin, and Karen Rasmussen, California State University, Long Beach, "Magic and Argument in Ana Castillo's So Far from God"

261 Andrew Burgess, University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, "Cross-Argumentation and Magic in E. Nesbit's Five Children and It"

268 Kevin A Johnson, University of Texas at Austin, "Kenneth Burke and the Rhetorical Magic of The Eminem Show"

275 Janice Schuetz, "Cultural Reasoning and Magic in Skinwalkers"

Testing a Liberal Theory of the Public Sphere

281 Robert Rowland, University of Kansas, "A Liberal Theory of the Public Sphere"

288 Debra Ford, University of Kansas, "Prism Analysis of the Debate Over the American Medical
Association's Health Access America Plan"

296 Jeffrey W. Jarman, Wichita State University, "Talk About Cheap Drugs or Cheap Talk About Drugs? Public Deliberation on a Prescription Drug Benefit"

303 Kelly Michael McDonald, Arizona State University, and Sarah Taylor Partlow, Idaho State University, "Guerilla Girls in Intercollegiate Debate: Testing the Liberal Model of the Public Sphere"

Others, Argument, and History

311Joseph C. Delfin, University of Memphis, "Sex, Science and Suffrage: Constructing Female Inferiority in Physical Anthropology"

319 Catherine Palczewski, University of Northern Iowa, "Picturing Public Argument Against Suffrage: 1909 Anti-Suffrage Postcards"

328 Kevin Baaske, California State University, Los Angeles, "Race, Meaning and Substance: An Analysis of Arguments Over the Government's Use of Racial Classifications"

Theoretical Issues and Models

337 J. Anthony Blair, University of Windsor, "A Time for argument theory integration"

345 Frans van Eemeren & Peter Houtlosser University of Amsterdam, "More about an Arranged Marriage"

356 Lilian Bermejo Luque, Universidad de Murcia, Spain, "Dealing with Enthymemes"

362 Scott Jacobs, University of Arizona, "Two Models of the Rational Conditions for Disagreement in Argumentative Dialogue"

Order in the Court! Exploration of Factors Shaping the Course of Legal Argumentation

370 David B. Hingstman, University of Iowa, "Politicized Trials and Forensicated Deliberation: Hybrid Argument Practices in the Trial of the Chicago 8"

377 Carlo A. Pedrioli, University of Utah, "The Heightened Standard of Judicial Review in Cases of Governmental Gender-Based Discrimination: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Influence on the U.S. Supreme Court in Craig v. Boren"

Globalization and Public Argument

385 James Klumpp, University of Maryland, Patricia Riley and Thomas Hollihan, University of Southern California, "War and Memory: Arguments in a Global Age"

395 James R. Pickett, Monmouth University, "The Whole World is Shopping: Global Exchange's Moral Argument in the Globalization Debates"

401 Gordon Stables and Craig Hayden, University of Southern California, "The Rhetorical Dimension of Public Diplomacy"

Beyond the Looking Glass: Envisioning the Future of Forensic Practices

409 Ryan K. Clark, University of Memphis and Brian R. McGee, Spalding University, "The Effects Topicality Argument in Parliamentary Debate"

416 Ben Voth, Miami University, "State of the Art: A Survey of Technology and Debate Practice in the
21st Century"

422 John Rief, Kevin Cummings, and Johanna Cummings, Regis University, "Inclusion in Parliamentary Debate: A Critique of the Logic of Abstraction"

428 Claude Gratton, Antelope Valley College, "Student Beliefs That are Obstacles to Critical Thinking Dispositions and Motivations"

Reconsidering the Rhetoric of Social Protest: Argument Visualized, Corporealized, Remembered and Displayed

434 Brian Lain, University of North Texas, "Remembering Protest, Protesting Memory: The Histories and Uses of Japanese American Internment Resistance"

443 William Trapani, Wayne State University, "The Politics of the Swarm: Theorizing the New Face of Public Protest"

Patterns in Argument

451 Harry Weger, Jr., Indiana University Southeast, "Reconstructing Relationship Meaning in Arguments Between Intimates: Toward a "Relationship Negotiation" Dialogue Type"

459 Mark Aakhus, Rutgers University, "Databases, Argumentation, and Common-Sense"

466 Leah E. Polcar, Univ. of Amsterdam, "The Problem of Evasion in Question-Answer Argumentation: Are Evasive Responses Fallacious or Strategic Communication?"

473 Tim Behme, University of Minnesota, "The Status Symbol of Rhetoric"

The Argumentative Burdens of Media Culture

480 Kathryn Cady, University of Iowa, "Labor, Class, and the Equal Rights Amendment Controversy"

487 Bruce Gronbeck, University of Iowa, "The Visual/Visuality Dichotomy in Argument Studies"

496 Brett Ommen, Northwestern University, "Iconic Visual Argument and the Potential for a Visual Dialectic"

Publicity and Pedagogy: Reflections on Public Debate Praxis

503 Jane Munksgaard and Damien Pfister, University of Pittsburgh, "The Public Debater's Role in Advancing Deliberation: Towards Switch-Sides Public Debate"

510 Shawn Batt, University of the Pacific and David Schulz, California State University, Stanislaus, "Design Principles for Competitive Debate Formats"

518 Heidi L. Muller, University of Northern Colorado, "Looking for Argument in Collegiate Classroom Discussion: Avoidance, Challenge, Focus"

The Boundaries of Dialectic

526 Margaret D. Zulick, Wake Forest University, "Dialectic, Analytic and Rhetoric: Between Norms and Phenomena"

537 Jamie L. Doyle, University of Texas at Austin, "Deception and Dialectic: The Pseudo-Scientific Rhetoric of Holocaust Denial"

545 Tim Steffensmeier, University of Texas at Austin, "Images and Dialectic: Arguments Employing a Visual Trump Card"

552 Jeffrey Hall, University of Southern California, "'Dark Alliance'as Conspiracy Theory: Normative Constraints and Their Discursive Effects"

Empirical and Methodological Studies

560 Colleen M. Keough, and Randall A. Lake. University of Southern California, "The Public as Disputant: Argumentation Styles and Consumer Arbitration"

568 Dale Hample, Western Illinois University, "Argument Frames: An Initial Investigation into Operationalizations"

577 Amy Janan Johnson, Kenneth Brown & Elaine Wittenberg, University of Oklahoma, "Type of Argument and Argument Composition"

587 Shinobu Suzuki, Hokkaido University, "Analyzing Structural Features of Informal Argument"

Pot Pourri! Wide-Ranging Studies of Rhetoric and Argument

598 Joyce Gab Kneeland, Northwestern University, "Rhetoric and the Wireless Revolution"

605 Neil H. Mansharamani, University of Maryland, "The Presidential Campaign Communication of Vice-Presidents: So Close and Yet So Far"

616 Randall Iden, Northwestern University, "Process Rationality: The Rhetorical Role of the Third Party Mediator"

622 Dana Cloud, University of Texas at Austin, "The Necessity of Argument: Heterodoxy and Image during the 2003 Iraq War"

632 Charles Arthur Willard, Joy L. Hart, and Shirley Willihnganz, University of Louisville, "Picture This: Seeking a Critical and Analytical Language for Imagery in Argumentation Argument and Subjectivity"

Argument and Subjectivity

639 Robert Asen University of Wisconsin, Madison, "Notes on a Discourse Theory of Citizenship"

647 Barbara Biesecker, University of Iowa, "Popular Memory and National Renewal: Feminism and the Cultural Politics of World War II"

654 Danielle Endres & Theodore O. Prosise, University of Washington, "Negotiating Symbolic Capital in Argument Fields: An Empirical Study of Discursive Struggle"

Analysis of Argument Forms

662 Chris Lundberg, Northwestern University, "Ad Hominem and Agency: A genealogy"

669 Frans van Eemeren, Bart Garssen & Bert Meuffels, University of Amsterdam, "This can't be true, that would be terrible: Ordinary arguers judgments about ad consequentiam fallacies"

676 Shannon Skarpohl Kaml, Metropolitan State University, "Photojournalism and the Implications of Qualifiers in Visual Argument"

683 Bret Wiegman, Northwestern University, "The ad hominem of Today versus the ad hominem of Plato"

Ethos, Evidence, and Emotions in Scientific Controversy

689 David Depew, University of Iowa, Darkness in el Dorado: The Construction of Ethos in an
Anthropological Controversy"

697 Karen Taylor, Tulane University, "Questions of Trust and Treachery: Wen Ho Lee, Scientific Ethos, and the Role of Evidence"

705 Rachel Avon Whidden, Northern Illinois University, "Manufacturing Controversy: Debating Intelligent Design in Public"

711 Joanna Ploeger, University of Iowa, "Science, Society, and the Builders of the "Next Machine":
Understanding Techno-scientific Ethos in Scientific Practice and Policymaking"

Argument Application and the US-Iraq War

719 Kathleen M. Farrell, Saint Louis University, and Marilyn J. Young, Florida State University, "Not in Our Names: The Administration's Private Construction of the War Against Iraq"

726 James F. Klumpp, University of Maryland, "The Three Arguments of Iraq"

733 Bjorn Stillion Southard, University of Maryland, "Heightened Alert: The Altered Role of Evidence in the Case for War"

740 Danielle Wiese, University of Iowa, "Virtual Argument: How the World Wide Web Crafts Public Opinion"

Economic Controversy in 20th Century America: Case Studies in Public Advocacy

748 Bernard K. Duffy, California Polytechnical State University, "Louis D. Brandeis and the Argument from Efficiency"

757 Michael Weiler. Emerson College, "Robert F. Wagner and the Rights of Labor"

763 Stephanie Kelley-Romano, Bates College, and Mary F. Hoffman, Southwest Texas State University, "It's an FTC Thing: Trying Martha in the Public Sphere"

771 Edward Royce, Rollins College, "Michael Harrington and the Discovery of Poverty"

War Rhetoric and Its Precedents

779 Elisia Cohen, Saint Louis University, "Congressional Debate over the 2001 Patriot Act: Arguments for Consensus, Error-Correction, and Expediency"

787 Cynthia Willis, University of Southern California, "Fighting the Good Fight—Again: The Invocation of Pearl Harbor and the greatest Generation in Sept 11 Rhetoric"

795 Joseph M. Valenzano, Georgia State University, "The Hoofbeats of History: George W. Bush and FDR on the Path to Very Different Wars"