Eleventh SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 1999


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1  "The Ethic(s) of Argument and Practical Wisdom" Walter R. Fisher, University of Southern California

16  "Response to the Keynote: The Third Dimension of Argumentation" Lenore Langsdorf, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Argumentation Theory

25 "Competence and Consistency in Group Argument: Exploring Communicative Characteristics and Patterns" Renee A Meyers, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Dale E. Brashers, University of Illinois at Urbana, Lisa Bradford, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, and Tara Wachtel, Hatch Staffing Services of Milwaukee

40 "The Theoretical Adequacy of the Argument-Centered Perspective on Decision Making and Problem Solving in Groups" Dennis S. Gouran, Pennsylvania State University

50 "Practical Reasoning in Organizations: Perelman's Universal and Particular Audiences" Helen Constantinides, University of Minnesota

57 "Presence and Healthy People 2010: Inciting Adherence in U.S. Public Health" Margaret Hamilton, University of Minnesota

64 "'The Issue' as a Metadiscursive Object in Some Student-led Classroom Discussions" Robert T. Craig, University of Colorado

74 "On the Structure of Argument in Facilitated Classroom Discussions" Heidi L. Muller, University of Colorado

83 "The Role of Involvement and Agreement of Message Evaluations Made by Ordinary Arguers" Stacy L. Wolski, Leah H. Polcar, Norah E. Dunbar, and Scott Jacobs, University of Arizona

95 "Procedure and Practice" Sally Jackson and Scott Jacobs, University of Arizona

101 "A Dialectical Perspective on Argument: Wenzel Meets Schopenhauer" Dale Hample, Western Illinois University

109 "Counterexamples by Conjunctions & Counterexamples by Analogy: Some overlooked Logically Significant Differences" Claude Gratton, University of Nevada at Las Vegas

114 "Arguing About Words: Nitpicking or Necessary?" Karen Tracy, University of Colorado

123 "From Bridge to Barrier: The Evolution of Loaded Symbols in a School Board Diversity Debate" Catherine Ashcraft, University of Colorado

Argument and Identity

133 "Argumentation and Identity: A Critique of the 'Culture' Premise in the Transracial Adoption Controversy" Ronald Lee and Karen King Lee, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

143 "Frameworks for Russian Identity: Arguing the Past, Defining the Future" Marilyn J. Young, Florida State University

151 "Relations of Argument and identity: Making the Transcendental Turn." David B. Hingstman, University of Iowa

160 "Radical Argument and National Identity: Setting an Agenda for Reconsidering the American Radical Tradition." Wade Davis and Kathleen Farrell, University of Iowa

169 "Limit Work as Rhetorical Criticism: The Critical Analysis of State Character" M. Lane Bruner, Babson College

178 "Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners and the Conventions of Historical Argument." Michael Weiler, Emerson College

186 "Whose Religion is it? 'The Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality' as a Source of Culture Clash." J. Skiles, University of Iowa

193 "Playing Indian With Blood: Constructing the Nation on the Body of the Other." William C. Trapani III, University of Iowa

202 "Argument from Widowhood: A Capitulation to the Patriarchy or an Example of Feminist Argumentation" Linda Diane Horwitz, Hamilton College

209 "Reproducing Citizens: National Body (Building) and Public Pregnancies in US Sport Culture" Kyra Pearson, University of Iowa

218 "Militarization and Minority Bodies: Analyzing the Public Argument Surrounding Combat Integration and the Quest for 'Equality'." Kathryn A. Cady, University of Iowa

Visual Argument

227 "Vulnerable Bodies and Projections of National Citizenship: The Iconic Personhood of John H. Glenn" Jeffrey R. Sens, University of Iowa

235 "Darkening O.J.: Visual Argument in Controversy" Cara A. Finnegan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

244 "Image Events and Argumentative Practice: The Case of Radical Ecology" Kevin M. DeLuca, University of Georgia, and John W. Delicath, University of Cincinnati

253 "Visual Images as (opposed to?) Reason: The Argument of Eclipse of reason" Barb Pickering, James Madison University, and Randall Lake, University of Southern California

262 "Argument by Mood in War Movies: Postmodern Ethos in Electronic Media" John S. Nelson, University of Iowa

270 "A View of Billboard Liberation as a Case Study in Visual Rebuttal" Shannon Skarphol Kaml, University of Minnesota

278 "From Bacon to Bacon: Man in a Blue Box, An Aesthetic Turn in Rhetoric" Robert L. Scott, University of Minnesota

286 "Aversion to and a Version of the Democratic Aesthetic" Robert Hariman, Drake University

294 "Cubist Tendencies: Scott's Turn to the Aesthetic is a (Re)turn to Ethics" Robert Alan Brookey, Stonehill College

Argument Pedagogy

300 "Debating Both Sides: Argument Pedagogy and the Production of the Deliberative Citizen." Darin Hicks, University of Denver and Ronald Walter Greene, University of Texas at Austin

308 "Debate as Cultural Performance: An Alternative Form to Competitive Debate" Takeshi Suzuki Tsuda College, and Junya Morooka, Kanda University of International Studies

316 "The Absence of Dialogue: An Assessment of Argument Theory in Argument Composition Texts." Michael Mendelson and Neil Lindeman, Iowa State University

325 "Habermas and Debate Theory: A Putative Link between the Theory of Communicative Action and Traditional Resolutional Typologies" Scott Stroud, University of the Pacific

334 "Thick Pedagogy, Or Substantive Discourse on the Teaching of Argument" Michael Mendelson, Iowa State University

Civil Society

341 "Defining 'Public Character': Agency and the Ethical Criticism of Public Argument." Stephen A. Klien, Boston University

351 "The Materials of Transition: Reconciliation and Reparations in Contemporary South Africa." Erik W. Doxtader, i999-2000 MacArthur Foundation-Social Science Research Council

361 "Beyond Dialogue: Linking the Public and Political Sphere." James F. Klumpp, University of Maryland, Patricia Riley and Thomas A. Hollihan, University of Southern California

369 "Prophecy as Argument: A Haunting vision of America's Future." Eric M. Gander, Baruch College

Rhetoric and Politics

376 "Redefining Nuclear Expertise: General George Lee Butler's Arguments for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons." Theodore O. Prosise, University of Southern California

386 "Identity, Self-Determination and 'None of the Above'& An Analysis of the 1998 Puerto Rican Status Vote." Catherine Helen Palczewski, University of Northern Iowa, and David Cratis Williams, University of Puerto Rico

394 "Televised Party Leaders and Presidential Candidate Debates in Sweden and the United States" Erik Asard, Uppsala University of Sweden, and Bruce E. Gronbeck, University of Iowa

403 "'The Moral Equivalent of War': Jimmy Carter's Use of Metaphor and Mortification in the Energy Speech of April 18, 1977" Terence Check, St. John's University

411 "Debate Strategies Then and Now: A Comparative Analysis of Two Women Candidates" Judith S. Trent, Amy M. Schmisseur, and Gay E. Gauder, University of Cincinnati

Argument and Public Policy

419 "Imagining Others in Public Policy Debate: The Case of the 1981 AFDC Budget Debates" Robert Asen, University of Wisconsin at Madison

427 "Evaluating Conspiracy Arguments: The Case of the Texas Annexation Controversy" Michael William Pfau and David Zarefsky, Northwestern University

436 "Constructing National Bodies: Public Argument in the English-Only Movement" Lisa A. Flores, University of Utah

446 "Equality and the Public Moral Code: Argument and the Affirmative Action Debate" Kevin T. Baaske, California State University at Los Angeles

454 "The Marketplace in the Marketplace: Another Look at First Amendment Rights in Shopping Malls" Mark B. DeLoach, University of North Texas

461 "Not for All Queers: The Internal Controversy over Same-Sex Marriage" Tom Burkhart, University of Iowa

Argument in Foreign Policy Deliberations

469 "In Defense of Democracy: American Representations of Emerging Democracies in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union" Gordon W. Stables and Edward Panetta, University of Georgia

478 "The Globalization Debate: Comparing Cross-Cultural Perspectives" Carol Winkler, Georgia State University

Argument and the Law

487 "Antebellum Courtroom Argument: Institutionalizing the Bar between Advocate and Audience" Terence S. Morrow, Gustavus Adolphus College

496 "Legal Argument in Eighteenth-Century England: Clearing the Bar" Lisa A. Perry, Minnesota State University at Mankato

503 "Do It Yourself Law: Closing the Bar to Advocate?" Warren Sandmam, Minnesota State University at Mankato

Argument in Time of Crisis

511 "Not in our Neighborhood: Racial Bias in the Littleton Tragedy" Rebecca Opsata, University of Southern California, and Greg Achten, Pepperdine University

520 "The Columbine Shootings: The Trajectory of Argumentative Responses" K. Jeanine Congalton, California State University at Fullerton, and Patricia M. Ganer, Cypress College

528 "Scapegoating, Transcendence, Mortification, and Forgiveness: Compensatory Arguments of Blame after Littleton," Robert C. Chandler, Pepperdine University, Jeffrey Dale Hobbs, Abilene Christian University, Anthony S. King, Pepperdine University, and Charles Walts, Abilene Christian University

537 "Attribution Theory as an Explanation for School Violence Responses: The Case of Littleton" Christina M. Sabee, Northwestern University

Argument and Collective Memory

544 "Trauma, Collective Memory, and the Receding Past: Cultural Reillusionment through the 'Good War'" Peter Erenhaus, Pacific Lutheran University

553 "The Great War as Civil War: Rhetorics of Memory in Gone with the Wind" Susan Owen, University of Puget Sound

562 "In Defense of the National Air and Space Museum's initial Enola Gay Display" Marouf Hasian, Jr., University of Utah

Argument and the Implications of New Technologies

570 "The Colonization of the Internet: Partial Logic and the Evisceration of the First Amendment" Robert E. Tucker, California State University at Long Beach

578 "Internet and New Technologies: New Challenges for the First Amendmenf' Michael S. Overing, Attorney at Law

585 "The Worldview of WorldView" Francis A. Beer, University of Colorado at Boulder, and G. R. Boynton, University of Iowa


Hollihan, Thomas A., ed.  Argument at Century's End:  Reflecting on the Past and Envisioning the Future.  Annandale VA:  National Communication Association, 2000.


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