Tenth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation 1997



Klumpp, James F., ed.  Argument in a Time of Change:  Definitions, Frameworks, and Critiques.  Annandale VA:  National Communication Association, 1998.

pp. "Title,"  Author


1  "Definitions,"  David Zarefsky, Northwestern University

Exploring Argument, Argumentation, and Argumentative Processes: The Nature of Argument

12 'Making Sound Arguments: Would a Claim by Any Other Sound Mean the Same or Argue So Sweet?" G.R. Boyton and John S. Nelson, University of Iowa.

18 "Foundational Thoughts on Informal Logic as a Theory of Argument" Mark Weinstein, Montclair State University

24 "Some remarks on Non-Deductive Argument" Harald Wohlrapp, University of Hamburg, Germany

30 "The Antilogical Alternative" Michael Mendelson, Iowa State University

35 "Rhetorical Invention and the Speaker's Selection of Arguments" Fred J. Kauffeld, Edgewood College

40 "Argument Without Truth? Hannah Arendt on Political Judgement and Public Persuasion" John S. Nelson, University of Iowa

46 "Argument Without Truth? Heidegger on Rhetoric, Logos and the Unconcealment of Being" Susan Zickmund, Augustana College

The Processes of Argument

51 "Rhetorical Rationales for Dialectical Moves: Justifying Pragma-Dialectical Reconstructions" Peter Houtlosser and Frans H. van Eemeren, University of Amsterdam

57 "Rhetorical Ways of Managing Disagreement: Justifying Reconstructions of Confrontation" Peter Houtlosser and Frans H. van Eemeren, University of Amsterdam

63 "Argumentative Candor and Persuasive Success: A Meta-Analysis of the Persuasive Effects of Implicit and Explicit Message Conclusions" Daniel J. O'Keefe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

70 "Deliberation and Character" Jean Goodwin, Northwestern University

Frameworks for Theorizing and Studying Arguments

75 "Reconsidering the Narrative Paradigm: The Implications of Ethos" Paul Turpin, University of Southern California

80 "Polyphony in the Theory of Argumentation in the Language-System: What it is and How it works" Igor Zagar, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

85 "Epistemics as New Rhetoric for Modern Times" Joyce Gab Kneeland, Northwestern University

Interpersonal Dimensions of Arguing

90 "Taking Conflict Personally, Solidarity, and Relational Satisfaction: Interrelationships within Arguments" Judith M. Dallinger and Mark Callister, Western Illinois University

97 "The Meaning of Two Cultural Categories: Avoiding Interpersonal Arguments or Cutting them Short" Pamela J. Benoit, University of Missouri, and Dale Hample, Western Illinois University

103 "Processes and Outcomes Related to Non-Rational Argument in Societal Croups" Sandra Ketrow, University of Rhode Island, Renee Meyers, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Beatrice Schultz, University of Rhode Island

Argument in Scholarship

110 "The Crises in Scholarly Argument" Bruce E. Gronbeck, University of Iowa

116 "The Constituents of Sound Scholarly Argument: An Editor's Perspective' Dennis S. Gouran, The Pennsylvania State University

Studying the Civil Society: Argument's Place: What are the Characteristics of the Civil Society?

138 "Civic Virtue, Civil Society, and the Principle of the Public Sphere" Gerald A. Hauser, University of Colorado, Boulder

144 "Modes of Citizenship and Forms of Deliberation: A Comparative Study" Douglas Gregory Blankenship, Northwestern University

150 "Proceduralist Theories of Public Deliberation: Implications for the Production of Citizens" Darrin Hicks, University of Denver, and Lenore Langsdorf, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

156 "Habermas' Between Facts and Norm: The Domains and Logics of Public Argument Given Cultural Globalization" David Cheshier, Georgia State University

163 "Reading the Force of Law in Between Facts and Norms" Douglas Thomas, University of Southern California

Argumentation, Power, and Difference

168 "Rhetorical Ventriloquism: Fantasy and/as American National Identity" Barbara A. Biesecker, University of Iowa

173 "Re-Signing the Opposition: 'Minority Episemololgy' and the Politics of Power" Mark McPhail, University of Utah

179 "Bodies that Argue: Power, Difference and Argument" Catherine Palczewski, University of Northern Iowa

185 "The Rhetorical Perspective on Argumentation and the Question of Effectivity" Ronald Greene, University of Texas at Austin

191 "Transforming the Quest for Meaning; A Case Study in Public Argument" Sandra J. Berkowitz, Joseph P. Zompetti, and Satoru Aonuma, Wayne State University.

Case Studies of Argument and Civility

197 "The Speciousness of Old Rhetoric: Deforming the Sublime" Thomas B. Farrell, Northwestern University

202 "The Dark Side of Community and Democracy: Militias, Patriots and Angry White Guys" Patricia Riley, University of Southern California, James F. Klumpp, University of Maryland, and Thomas A. Hollihan, University of Southern California

Arguments in Public Issues:  Case Studies of Argumentative Strategies in Public Arenas

208 "The Appearance of Argument: Public Space and Public Time in the Documentary Photograph" Cara A. Finnegan, Northwestern University

214 "Audience Matter: How Incomplete Argument Derailed Liberal Claims in the Wake of Oklahoma City" Joe Bellon and Edward Panetta, University of Georgia

220 "Merchants of Death: Persuasive Defenses by the Tobacco Industry" William L. Benoit, University of Missouri, Columbia

226 "Evasive Answers: Reframing Multiple Argumentative Demands in Political Interviews" Leah Polcar and Scott Jacobs, University of Arizona

232 "Journalism, Moderators and Citizens: A Quantitative Assessment of Questions Asked in Presidential Debates" Indra deSilva, Mt. Vernon College and Dale A. Herbeck, Boston College

238 "Not Answering Questions: A Police Chief's Strategies in a Sensationalized Murder" Bob Agne and Karen Tracy, University of Colorado at Boulder

243 "Reflexive Argument: Jeanne d'Arc and Other Victims" Dale Hample, Western Illinois University

Arguments and Issues in the Pursuit of the Humane Society

250 "Rhetoric, the Body, and Civil Society" Gerald A. Hauser, University of Colorado at Boulder

256 "Myths of Blood, Property, and Maternity: Exploring the Public Argumentation of Anti-Adoption Advocates" Ronald Lee and Karen King Lee, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

262 "The Logic of Protection and the Strategy of Normalcy: The (Re)production of Child Sexual Abuse" Jennifer L. Coburn-Engquist, University of Denver

269 "Race Trails: The Rhetoric of Victimage and the Racial Consciousness of 1930's America" William Lewis, Drake University, and John Louis Lucaites, Indiana University

275 "Arguing Ourselves to Death" Warren Sandmann, Mankato State University

280 "Sarah Roberts, Lemuel Shaw, and Nineteenth Century Legal Argumetn" Marouf Hasian, Arizona State University

285 "Public Space and Postmodernity: A Rhetorical Analysis of the State of Illinois Center" Stephen W. Becker, Northwestern University

291 "Pro-Life and Animals Rights Advocacy: An Analogical Assessment of Argumentation Forms Across the Ideological Spectrum" Omar G. Guevara II, Wayne State University

War and Peace

297 "The Fairy Tale and the Tragedy? The Western Metaphors of War in the Persian Gulf and in Bosnia" Riikka Kuusisto, University of Helsinki, Finland

304 "Clean' Bombs and 'Limited' War: Edward Teller's Cold War Arguments" Terence Check, St John's University

310 "The Rhetorical Construction of Reality; 'Overcoming Modernity'" Takeshi Suzuki, Ibaraki University, Japan

316 "The Authority to Address the History of the Bomb: An Examination of the Public Arguments Against Professional Historians and 'The Last Act'" Theodore O. Prosise, University of Southern California

Legal Argument

322 "Feminist Legal Argument and Sears: A Case Study" Theresa Beiner, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

328 "Prudence, Process, or Politics: the Counter-Majoritarian problem and the Nature of Judicial Expertise" James Arnt Aune, Texas A&M University

333 "Identifying Arguments in Courtroom Transcripts" Nina J. Truch and Scott Jacobs, University of Arizona

339 "Maintaining Accountability to Principles of Dialectic in the Oliver North Testimony: Question-Answer Debates in Congressional Hearings" Alan Aldrich, University of Arizona

345 "Split Decisions: Undecidability and the Holdout Juror" Steve Schwarze, University of Iowa, and Chris Kamrath, Northwestern University

350 "Individualism and the Public Sphere? A Case Study in Public Legal Argument" John C. Day, University of Southern California

Goals and Strategies for Educators in Argumentation:  Reconsidering the Argumentation Classroom

356 "Reflective Discourse in a Critical Thinking Classroom" Robert T. Craig, University of Colorado at Boulder

362 "'God, What a Job!' Commitment in the Face of Uncertainty, Alterity, and Dislocation" William Lewis, Drake University

367 "Argumentation and Mediated Content: Understanding Audience Reception and Its Cultural Implications" David M. Cheshier and Carol K. Winkler, Georgia State University

373 "Rethinking the Traditional Debate Model: Florida State University's Argumentation Course" Marilyn J. Young, Florida State University

378 "Putting the Critical Edge Back into Legal and Business Argument: Developing the Specialized Seminar' Kathleen Farrell and David Hingstman, University of Iowa

Preparing Debate for the 21st Century

383 "Transformational Leadership in the 21st Century: The Role of Debate" Pamela L. Stepp, Cornell University

389 "Debate and Situational Frames of Participative Decision-Making: Post-Modernism, Globalism, and the Challenge of Common Ground" Stephen Koch, Capital University

394 "Information Age Consciousness: Technological Challenges to Traditional Advocacy" Ben Voth, Miami University

399 "Technological Requirements of the Debate Director in the 21st Century" Rich Edwards, Baylor University

404 "Professional Requirements of the Debate Director in the 21st Century" Karla K. Leeper, Baylor University

409 "Forensics Budgets and Programs: A Status Report" George Ziegelmueller, Wayne State University

415 "Burnout and Retrofire Along the Forensic Highway" Donn W. Parson, Univesity of Kansas

Teaching Kritiking/Kritiking Teaching

420 "Liberation Pedagogy: Addressing Oppression through Debate Arguments" Brian Lain, University of Iowa

426 "A Terrorist Education: A Response to the Fear of Deconstruction in Educational Debate: Maxwell Schnurer, University of Pittsburgh

430 "Kritiking as Alternative Pedagogy: Another Way In" William Shanahan, University of Texas at Austin


440 "From Identity Crises to Multiple Personalities: Two Decades of the Alta Conference" Bruce E. Gronbeck, University of Iowa